Marcos Colón

Marcos Colón

Online Editor

Online editor Marcos Colón is based in New York City, joined SC Magazine in Feb. 2012. He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in journalism. Previously, he was the head of content of a national entertainment and events website.

Most Recent Articles by Marcos Colón

40,000 federal employees impacted by contractor breach

Federal contractor KeyPoint Government Solutions, which conducts background checks on federal employees, has been impacted by a data breach.

Sony investigation reveals North Korea behind cyber attack, FBI says

Following an investigation which involved other U.S. government departments and agencies, the agency concluded that the North Korean government conducted the Sony Pictures Entertainment cyber attack.

Jeans and blazers will feature RFID blocking fabric

Produced by Norton and Betabrand, the READY Active jeans and Work-It blazer feature pockets lined with RFID blocking material.

Experts discover TorLocker variant targeting Japanese speakers

The newly discovered malware is the first ransomware variant to go after Japanese speakers, demanding ransom fees that range from $500 to $3600.

URL flaw discovered for airline mobile boarding passes

A URL flaw that impacts mobile boarding passes for airlines, such as Southwest and Delta, was discovered on Tuesday.

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