Marcos Colón

Marcos Colón

Online Editor

Online editor Marcos Colón is based in New York City, joined SC Magazine in Feb. 2012. He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in journalism. Previously, he was the head of content of a national entertainment and events website.

Most Recent Articles by Marcos Colón

Researcher discovers flaw in Amazon Kindle Library

A security expert discovered a vulnerability in Amazon's Kindle Library that could lead to cross-site scripting attacks and account compromises.

FBI facial recognition system ready for use

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced that it is prepared to roll out its new fully operational facial recognition system.

Veracode receives $40M in late-state funding

The Burlington, Vt.-based web and mobile application security firm announced that it closed on $40 million in a late-stage funding round.

Retail trade association appoints new VP of cybersecurity

The Retail Industry Leaders Association announced the appointment of Nicholas Ahrens as the new head of cybersecurity for the trade group.

Researchers analyze phishing campaign spreading 'vawtrak' malware

Experts have discovered a phishing campaign that targets users with a phony PDF attachment that leads to the vawtrak malware.

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