Marcos Colón

Marcos Colón

Online Editor

Online editor Marcos Colón is based in New York City, joined SC Magazine in Feb. 2012. He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in journalism. Previously, he was the head of content of a national entertainment and events website.

Most Recent Articles by Marcos Colón

FBI arrests two members of Anonymous's Cambodia section

The men allegedly infiltrated 30 government websites in addition to private sector sites.

'Unauthorized' media contact a fireable offense for U.S. intel employees

The new media policy states that U.S. intelligence employees who have "unauthorized" contact with the media could lose their jobs.

Privacy groups urge NIST to be more transparent

In an open letter to the NIST, a group comprised of a dozen privacy groups urged the agency be more transparent.

U.S. and Russia both look to extradite hacker

A Dutch minister of justice will decide where Vladimir Drinkman will land to face charges related to his involvement in the cyber crime collective responsible for the Heartland Payment breach.

Mysterious iOS malware campaign has Chinese origins

The threat, dubbed "Unflod Baby Panda," was discovered by Reddit users and analyzed by researchers at the German-based security firm, SektionEins.

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