Mass-injection Attack News, Articles and Updates

ASP.NET attacks growing in reach

Another mass SQL injection attack, similar to "Liza Moon" from earlier this year, is impacting more than a million websites.

Mass injection campaign affects 3.8 million pages


More than three million web pages have been compromised with malware as part of a mass IFRAME injection attack targeting unpatched versions of the open source e-commerce framework, OSCommerce, researchers at web application security firm Armorize have warned. The attack, which appears to originate in the Ukraine, has affected 3.8 million sites, which are running OSCommerce version 2.2 and earlier. Those who visit an affected site are pointed to the malicious domains or After a series of redirects, users end up at a domain that attempts to exploit multiple web browser and PDF vulnerabilities, and install a variant of SpyEye.

Asprox botnet launches new wave of SQL injection


Researchers are not sure how many websites have been compromised but said new Asprox botnet attacks are underway.

New mass SQL injection attack infects 56,000 websites


Another round of IFRAME infections has compromised tens of thousands of legitimate websites.


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