Mobile and cloud: The Big Data security conundrum

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Harnessing Big Data for protection
Harnessing Big Data for protection

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Back when mainframes ruled the corporate computing environment it was far easier to manage critical data. After all, most folks used “dumb” terminals. However, distributed computing quickly made its way into the enterprise, so now, computers with more storage power than ever have become commonplace. Data, as a result, has become widely distributed. And, with the rapid adoption of cloud computing, that data is even more widely distributed – and a challenge to control. The explosion in mobile device use, too, has introduced more stored data. Given the swiftness of these changes and the seeming ubiquitous reliance on cloud storage and myriad mobile devices, just how can all this data be controlled and secured? We learn more.

Featured Speakers:
Paul Hill
, senior consultant, SystemsExperts

Jason Corbin
, Director of Security Intelligence Product Management,
Ilena Armstrong,
VP, editorial, SC Magazine

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