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With expanding corporate perimeters and the proliferation of mobile devices, today's new business culture involves a myriad of emerging security risks. The consumerization of IT, which includes the boom in popularity of the iPhone and other smartphones, have lead to the explosion of personal devices in the workplace. The downside to all this growth in the mobile space is that the popularity is inevitably attracting the attention of malware writers. More and more information security leaders are looking to bolster their security practices and technologies to better protect the mobile devices corporate staff are using on the job.

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Addressing attacks on critical infrastructure

Just recently we witnessed the U.S. House of Representative pass two bills aimed at bolstering the security operations of the nation's critical infrastructure.

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Mobile-derived credentials

It's more than a trend. Mobile devices are becoming the new enterprise desktop. But mobile devices require the same security considerations to access corporate intranets or securely sending and receiving email.

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