Mobile security



WHAT: Provides two-factor authentication in a consumer environment.

PRICE: Starts at about $2 per user per year and decreases with volume.


Trusteer Pinpoint Account Takeover Detection

VENDOR: Trusteer

WHAT: Pinpoint Account Take Over Detection is part of a suite of Trusteer products that includes malware detection among others.

PRICE: Starts at $10,000 based on number of users registered to the protected web applications.


RSA Silver Tail

VENDOR: RSA, the security division of EMC

WHAT: Silver Tail does something that really makes it stand apart from the crowd: It differentiates – very accurately – between criminals and legitimate customers by examining such things as velocity (how fast the user moves through a website and how much of the site they access in a short period of time), sequence of pages visited, and the origin of the user.

PRICE: Starts at $150,000.


CA Technologies eComMinder with CA RiskMinder

VENDOR: CA Technologie

WHAT: This cloud-based service does nothing but protect the user against the risk of fraud when purchasing with a credit card online.

PRICE: Starts at about $1 per card and decreases with volume.


Sophos Mobile Control

VENDOR: Sophos, Inc.

WHAT: Sophos Mobile Control provides a full set of features and functionality for management and control of a broad range of mobile devices.

PRICE: Starting at $31.50 per user per year.


Novell ZENworks Mobile Management

VENDOR: Novell

WHAT: ZENworks Mobile Management from Novell allows for full control of a mobile device from both a security and policy perspective.

PRICE: $58 per device license.


Mobile Active Defense Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security (MECS) Server

VENDOR: Mobile Active Defense (MAD)

WHAT: The MECS Server provides full-on, tamper-proof firewall and compliance policy that is pushed down to mobile devices connected either via mobile network or Wi-Fi.

PRICE: Starting at $25 per device.



KoolSpan TrustCall for iPhone

VENDOR: KoolSpan

WHAT: TrustCall for iPhone from KoolSpan offers hardware-based encrypted calling between off-the-shelf iPhones.

PRICE: $125 one-time activation fee, plus $45 monthly recurring fee.


Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Security 10 for Mobile

VENDOR: Kaspersky Lab

WHAT: Targeted at small to midsized businesses, Kaspersky Security 10 for Mobile integrates mobile device management into the company’s security suite.

PRICE: $25 per user for 150 to 200 users.


Good Technology Good for Enterprise

VENDOR: Good Technology

WHAT: Full mobile device management; centrally managed; clusterable for high availability/disaster recovery.

PRICE: $1,500 server license, $159 per device.


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