Mozilla releases Firefox 7.0.1 to fix add-on issue

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Mozilla on Friday released an update for Firefox to address what it called a “rare” bug that caused add-ons to be hidden for some users after upgrading to version 7 of the popular web browser.

The update, Firefox 7.0.1, is available for both the desktop and mobile versions of the browser and restores any hidden add-ons.

Mozilla acknowledged the issue earlier this week and assured users that any missing add-ons hadn't actually been removed, just hidden. The bug occurred when users updated Firefox while they had add-on updates, or new add-ons, waiting to be installed, Justin Scott, add-ons product manager at Mozilla, wrote in a blog post Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Firefox 7, released on Tuesday, fixed 11 security flaws, 10 of which were rated “critical,” Mozilla's highest bug severity level, and one rated “important.” Firefox 7 also includes memory improvements that greatly reduce the amount of memory needed to make the browser run, compared to past editions.

Researchers at anti-virus firm Sophos warned this week that Google searches for Firefox 7 yielded a suspicious link as one of its top results for a site called “,” that is not run by Mozilla. 

The site did not appear to contain any malware and may have been created to leverage interest in the new browser to generate ad revenue, Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, wrote in a blog post Wednesday.

“If you're planning to download Firefox 7, make sure that you get it from the authorized download site, rather than a third party who may have unclear motives,” Cluley said.

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