Network Security

Sophos Mobile Control

VENDOR: Sophos, Inc.

WHAT: Sophos Mobile Control is an enterprise mobility management solution which offers mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile email management, mobile content management and mobile security and compliance through an easy-to-handle, web-based user interface.

PRICE: Price starts at 31.50 per year.


MECS Server

VENDOR: Mobile Active Defense (MAD)

WHAT: The MECS (Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security) server is a centrally managed enterprise-grade solution designed to extend security functions to corporate and personally-owned mobile devices.

PRICE: Price starts at $10 per device per year.



VENDOR: iboss

WHAT: MobileEther by iboss extends device security which marries MDM with web security in one cloud or hybrid-based platform.

PRICE: Price starts at $8 per device per year as SaaS. Appliance not required unless desired. For networks seeking to host hardware, the cost of the hardware is extended at $3,295 list one-time cost. Replacement warranties and deployment support not included.


BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

VENDOR: BlackBerry

WHAT: BES10 provides device management, security and application management for corporate and BYOD (bring your own device) BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices delivered through a single end-to-end platform.

PRICE: BES10 silver-level licenses start at $19 MSRP per year.


Avatier Identity and Access Risk Management Suite

VENDOR: Avatier

WHAT: Rich set of functions (especially reporting) and ease of implementation.

PRICE: Starts at $45 per user.


Easy Solutions Detect Monitoring Service, Detect Safe Browsing, DetectID, DetectTA

VENDOR: Easy Solutions

WHAT: Comprehensive anti-fraud protection focused on phishing/pharming.

PRICE: Detect Monitoring Service: begins at $7,000/year per domain; Detect Safe: begins at $30/year per end-user PC; DetectID: begins at $2/year per online customer; DetectTA: begins at $2/year per online account.


NICE Actimize Remote Banking Fraud


WHAT: Provides high volume, cross-channel monitoring covering web, phone, mobile devices and more.

PRICE: Pricing models in the following areas: per component, per seat, fixed fee based on projected volume, enterprise pricing and customer solutions pricing. Pricing on request.


EastNets en.SafeWatch Anti-Fraud

VENDOR: EastNets

WHAT: Extremely comprehensive suite of solutions to a variety of fraud challenges with a decidedly international awareness.

PRICE: Starts at $100,000 for the first year, which includes license, professional services and annual maintenance.


Wombat Security Technologies Security Training Platform

VENDOR: Wombat Security Technologies

WHAT: We never have seen a more creative and effective approach to information security training.

PRICE: Starts at $25/user and is reduced from there on a sliding scale as the number of users increase.


TeleSign Verify & PhoneID Standard

VENDOR: TeleSign

WHAT: Creative ways to apply multifactor authentication that is both secure and inexpensive.

PRICE: Pennies per transaction.


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