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GAO issues report on Department of Treasury bureau

The U.S. Government Accountability Office identified nine new deficiencies in the Department of Treasury's Bureau of Fiscal Service's information systems.

Health orgs asking third party associates to get CSF certification

Recognizing the increased risk of breach from the interconnectedness of healthcare systems, some healthcare organizations will require third parties to obtain CSF certification.

DOJ investigates ATF official in possible data breach

An ATF official is under investigation by the DOJ for allegedly improperly accessing and downloading ATF employee data.

Europol, Interpol, and Ameripol arrest 130 suspected of airline fraud

Europol, Ameripol and Interpol collaborated to arrest 130 individuals across 49 countries between June 16 and 17 as part of a global initiative targeting criminals using stolen credit card information to purchase airline tickets,

FAA panel to focus on top cybersecurity risks to aircrafts

An FAA advisory committee aims to develop international design and testing standards that will thwart cyberattacks, a Wall Street Journal report reveals.

Apple to block advertisers from getting app data in iOS 9, reports say

Apple announced that the iOS 9 will block advertisers and other companies from scanning devices for app-download data.

Report: Florida call center hit by insider breach

The company in question, Advanced Tech Support, was previously sued by the FTC during a 2014 tech support scam investigation.

Damballa appoints Stephen Newman as CTO

Damballa announced the promotion of Stephen Newman to chief technology officer.

Checkmarx receives $84M investment

Application security firm Checkmarx announced on Thursday it received an $84M investment from Insight Venture Partners.

SINET panel sees uptick in bad actors, expanding attack surface

SINET panel sees uptick in bad actors, expanding attack surface

A panel at the SINET Innovation Summit agreed that while threats aren't more advanced they are persistent.

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