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Comey again denounces default encryption in editorial

While James Comey continues to argue that encryption will harm Americans, a group of security experts, including Susan Landau and Bruce Schneier, released a paper on Tuesday saying otherwise.

OpenSSL says patch for high severity bug to come soon

OpenSSL announced that it will release updates to patch a "high severity vulnerability" on Thursday, July 9.

EFF to host DefCon 23 badge hacking contest

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has announced its first DEF CON 23 Badge Hack Contest.

Nearly all Japanese pension system files kept unprotected pre-breach

An investigation into the compromising of Japan's national pension system found that 99 percent of the accessed files were without any sort of password protection.

Dino spyware targeted 'sensitive centers' in Iran for 18 months

Masoud Biglarian, head of the CERT Coordination Center, said Iran shored up its security to protect against Dino spyware.

Feds recommend charges against Cardinals staff in Astros hack

Federal investigators have recommended charges be brought against at least one Cardinals employee for the Astros cyber attack.

DHS, FBI lead 'Cyber Guard' exercise in Virginia

From June 8 through June 26 more than 100 organizations participated in the fourth annual Cyber Guard exercise.

FTC launches 'Start With Security' initiative

The Federal Trade Commission will share lessons learned from the 54 data security cases it has brought as part of its "Start With Security" program.

Tech firms fear vague language in Chinese security law could be used to force backdoors

Vague language in a new Chinese security law has multinational tech firms concerned that China may use it to force them to build backdoors or provide encryption keys and source code.

Attackers use fake British Gas site to spread TorrentLocker

Researchers have seen an uptick in TorrentLocker infections in the U.K. and Turkey.

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