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Secret NSA map shows Chinese cyberespionage targets in U.S.

A secret NSA map was obtained by a news outlet shows the locations of "Victims of Chinese Cyber Espionage" targets based in the U.S.

Europol creates first dark web training program

With notable dark web marketplaces, including Darkode, being taken down recently, Europol announced the creation of a unique training course to prepare agents for this covert line of work.

Phishing campaign strikes U.K. and U.S. companies

A phishing campaign discovered by Proofpoint aims at U.K. and U.S. organisations.

Privacy advocacy group sends 6.1 million faxes to Senate to protest CISA

Privacy advocacy group, Fight For the Future announced their campaign generated 6.1 million faxes to Senators in protest of CISA

House, Senate weigh bills to strengthen intrusion, detection initiatives

Congress is entertaining a pair of bills aimed at improving cybersecurity at government agencies.

Planned Parenthood websites downed in DDoS attack

The websites were back online shortly after the attack, but are scheduled to remain down throughout Thursday for security purposes.

Fake Safari update leads to potentially unwanted installations

Malwarebytes observed websites pushing a fake Safari update that leads to the installation of MacKeeper and ZipCloud.

AT&T asks FCC to drastically reduce $100M fine

AT&T asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to limit its fine to no more than $16,000 and to delay non-monetary sanctions until they could undergo judicial review.

Yahoo bug bounty program pays out more than $1 million to researchers

Yahoo's Interim CEO Ramses Martinez detailed the company's bug bounty program's successes since its creation in 2013.

Researchers hack into self-aiming rifle through Wi-Fi

A pair of security researchers discovered a way to hack into a TrackingPoint self-aiming rifle through its Wi-Fi network.

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