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NIST drafts new cloud metrics guide

The publication, called "Cloud Computing Service Metrics Description," is currently in a public comment phase.

Dutch DPA fine over privacy violations could cost Google $18.6M

The DPA warned Google that by gathering personal information on internet users to personalize ads, it has violated a Dutch privacy act.

Experts discover TorLocker variant targeting Japanese speakers

The newly discovered malware is the first ransomware variant to go after Japanese speakers, demanding ransom fees that range from $500 to $3600.

Sony warns employees of potential fraud

In a letter to employees, Sony warned against fraudsters and offered free identity theft protection.

Firefox, IE11 zero-day bugs possibly targeted in 'SoakSoak' WordPress malware attacks

Attackers exploiting a bug in the Slider Revolution plugin to compromise WordPress websites with malware may also be targeting zero-day vulnerabilities in Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.

URL flaw discovered for airline mobile boarding passes

A URL flaw that impacts mobile boarding passes for airlines, such as Southwest and Delta, was discovered on Tuesday.

Witnesses against Silk Road creator to be kept under wraps until days before trial

Witnesses against Ross Ulbricht are being kept under wraps after New York district court judge Katherine Forrest determined their safety could be at-risk.

FBI op, leading to child porn convictions, used Metasploit

Several were arrested in Operation Torpedo, including former acting HHS cyber director DeFoggi.

Senate and House pass cybersecurity bill

The U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate passed to the CyberSecurity Enhancement Act of 2014, giving NIST the go-ahead to develop voluntary cyber standards for critical infrastructure.

Researcher identifies XSS vulnerability affecting Citibank website

A researcher identified a cross-site scripting vulnerability affecting the Citibank website, which has yet to be patched.

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