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Maine man seeks $5 million in latest Anthem lawsuit

The Maine resident filed a $5 million class-action lawsuit against Anthem, alleging the company did not take measures to protect data.

U.K. National Crime Agency arrests 56 alleged cybercriminals in week-long operation

British law enforcement arrested 56 people, including a man accused of hacking the U.S. Department of Defense, this past week in operations targeting alleged cybercrime perpetrators.

Adobe's new bug bounty program rewards researchers with HackOne rep scores

Adobe's new web application vulnerability disclosure program will reward researchers with a boosted reputation score on HackerOne.

Fraudsters use Apple Pay to purchase goods with stolen cards

Credit card data from the Target and Home Depot breaches has been used by attackers to make purchases at Apple stores via the popular Apple Pay system.

Pre-loaded malware found on Xiaomi Mi 4 device, among other issues

The smartphone was verified to be a legitimate device by major smartphone distributor Xiaomi.

Government amends policy on NSLs without thorough process in-place

Although the government wrote that its changed its National Security Letter policy, an unsealed court document alludes to a process not yet being in place.

Chrome 41 update includes 51 security fixes

Chrome 41 was promoted to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux on Tuesday.

Experts find flaws in Mobile World Congress official app

The official Android app of the event contains some flaws that could allow spammers to easily scrape data belonging to conference attendees.

Online Trust Alliance pens letter to Congress over federal data breach notification law

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) wrote a letter to Congress earlier this week in response to the recently proposed Personal Data Notification & Protection Act.

D-Link issues firmware updates to address router vulnerabilities

A researcher notified D-Link of vulnerabilities in one router, and D-Link then expanded the investigation to a number of other devices.

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