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Researchers track subway riders using smartphone malware

The technique is accelerometer-based and requires a malicious application to be introduced on the target's smartphone.

Scammers use Facebook to distribute malware disguised as video player

Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a scheme where criminals are using Facebook to distribute malware disguised as a Google Chrome video installer file.

EMC to aqcuire Virtustream for $1.2 billion

EMC Corporation has announced the acquisition of cloud software provider Virtustream for $1.2 billion.

Iran says attack on oil ministry work of U.S. hackers

For four days in March, attackers launched cyber assault on Iran's oil ministry but were rebuffed by country's Cyber Police (FATA).

Angler EK begins exploiting patched Flash vulnerability

The Angler Exploit Kit is exploiting an already patched vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player, CVE-2015-3090.

GNU guru slams Windows, OS X, popular apps as malware

In a scathing opinion piece, GNU guru Richard Stallman denounced the prevalence of malware and urged users to fight back.

Global initiative 'Securing Smart Cities' launches

IOActive, Kaspersky Lab, and the Cloud Security Alliance are among the security organizations supporting the effort.

Report: IRS breach impacts more than 100,000 taxpayers

Attackers gained access to an Internal Revenue Service system called "Get Transcript" in order to obtain information on more than 100,000 taxpayers.

More than 30 scareware apps disguised as Minecraft cheats in Google Play

More than 30 apps in the Google Play store were found to be scareware posing as Minecraft cheats.

Macro malware writers tracking campaigns through images

Malicious macro writers are beginning to track their malware through images to determine how well their malware is proliferating.

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