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Microsoft expands bug bounty program to include Project Spartan

Microsoft announced plans on Wednesday to on expand its bug bounty program to include Project Spartan, the company's new browser, and Azure, the company's cloud platform.

RSA 2015: Some point-of-sale security tips

Using point-to-point encryption and monitoring privileged credentials are among the point-of-sale security tips offered during a session at RSA Conference 2015

Cybersecurity organizations meet to discuss lack of qualified security pros

More than a dozen cybersecurity organizations met earlier this week to discuss plans to establish a framework for resolving the "shortfall of qualified people in the cybersecurity profession."

Manny Rivelo set to take over as president and CEO of F5 Networks

Manny Rivelo was named president and CEO of F5 Networks, an application solutions provider, this week.

FBI warns FAA to watch for suspicious hacking activity on flights

The FBI issued an alert to the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) earlier this week to warn about hackers who might try to access airplane network ports, according to Wired.

Cisco issues first transparency report

Cisco issued its first transparency report earlier this week and elaborated on its procedures if it were to receive government requests for user data.

RSA 2015: Anonymous dying, other hacktivists filling gap

RSA 2015: Anonymous dying, other hacktivists filling gap

As Anonymous activity drops, iSIGHT Partner's Joe Gallop boldly predicts the demise of the hacktivist collective but says other groups are stepping up to fill the void.

Google Wallet now backed by FDIC

Search engine giant Google received Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) backing for its mobile payments app Google Wallet.

'Rootpipe' vulnerability still exploitable on patched machines

Apple "rootpipe" vulnerability was supposedly patched in the company's most recent release, but a security researcher says differently.

Multiple WordPress plugins vulnerable to cross-site scripting

The issue was identified last week and researchers worked together with plugin developers to ensure patches were ready before the problem was disclosed.

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