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Community Health Systems faces lawsuit related to data breach

The suit claims the hospital operator failed to meet security standards to protect the personal information belonging to patients.

Norwegian oil companies targeted in string of attacks

More than 300 companies are being warned to check their systems after at least 50 oil companies confirmed that their systems were attacked.

Possible payment card breach at Dairy Queen stores

Several financial institutions are reporting payment card fraud activity on credit and debit cards used at various Dairy Queen stores around the country, according to Brian Krebs.

Phishing campaign lures victims with models' photos

Two nude models' photos reeled in unsuspecting victims who handed over their Facebook logins to gain access to adult material.

Singapore hacker, 'The Messiah,' hit with 105 computer misuse charges

James Raj Arokiasamy, known as "The Messiah," now faces a total of 162 charges stemming from a string of attacks he conducted.

NSA's ICREACH search engine shares billions of records, The Intercept reports

More than 1,000 analysts at 23 U.S. government agencies have had access to more than 850 billion records courtesy of NSA's ICREACH, a search engine similar to Google.

Twitter patent may lead to blocking mobile malware

A patent that has recently been granted to Twitter reveals how the social media giant plans to block mobile malware from affecting its users.

Researchers warn of backdoor in Netis, Netcore routers

The routers are sold in China under the Netcore brand name, and elsewhere as Netis products.

Calif. passes law requiring smartphone kill switch technology

Starting July 2015, all smartphones sold in the state must come with the anti-theft technology.

FTC asks court to shut down debt relief scam

Claiming funding from the federal government and an endorsement by President Obama, a debt relief program coerced private data from consumers.

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