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Home Depot faces 44 lawsuits post-breach

The company disclosed the lawsuits as part of its quarterly earnings report.

Google launches security dashboard and wizard

The technology company launched a new dashboard to keep users aware of devices that are linked up to their accounts.

DroidJack RAT hits hacker forums, comes from legitimate app developers

A researcher at Symantec traced DroidJack's origins back to legitimate Android app developers and previous RATs.

Sony attacked, investigating 'an IT matter,' according to reports

The potential issue began on Monday when an image of a skeleton appeared on employee computers along with a message stating, "Hacked By #GOP."

Unofficial Starbucks Instagram account aims to scam followers

A phony Starbucks Instagram account is potentially being leveraged by miscreants to steal personal information.

Malwarebytes forum hacked, users forced to change passwords

In a message to members, Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski said no personal data was stolen when a forum server was hacked.

Adobe updates Flash Player, further addresses old vulnerability

The latest update of the software provides futher hardening against a vulnerability that was mitigated in the Oct. 14, 2014 release.

Five arrested in UK for using RATs

Police nabbed five suspects in a series of raids, all for being suspected of using Remote Access Trojans to compromise computers.

Judge unseals documents related to police dept. stingray use

A judge made public documents related to 529 requests by police in Charlotte, N.C. as part of their cellphone surveillance efforts.

EFF, others urge NIST to develop stronger encryption

In a letter to NIST, privacy organizations and companies called for secure encryption standards.

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