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Popular Science served up Rig Exploit Kit on its website

The monthly science magazine served up malicious code to readers earlier this week and has remedied the issue.

Attack on White House systems breached unclassified networks

The White House experienced a sustained cyberattack on its systems that impacted its network for nearly two weeks.

Hacker Lacroix apologizes, gets four years in federal prison

Christian Lacroix, who famously hacked Paris Hilton's phone and Burger King's Twitter account was sentenced for breaking into Bristol Community College computers.

Securonix taps former BofA exec for chief scientist role

Igor Baikalov was appointed chief scientist at security intelligence firm Securonix.

MPAA urges USTR to put pirate sites on 'Notorious Markets' list

In a letter, the Motion Picture Association of America asked the United States Trade Representative to include cyberlocker sites on its Notorious Markets List.

California data breach report reveals spike in incidents

A report by the state's attorney general sheds lights on the increase in data breaches, which have seen a 30 percent uptick in California so far this year.

'Cash out' crew member sentenced to 21 months in prison

Robert Dubuc hacked into various financial accounts and used them to divest money to other accounts and buy pre-paid debit cards.

Amit Yoran promoted to RSA president

Following his time as RSA's senior vice president of products, Amit Yoran will be promoted to the company's president.

FBI uncovers second person leaking government documents

The unnamed leaker's house was searched and a criminal case was opened after documents about the U.S. government's terrorist watch list were published.

US-CERT warns of phishing campaign spreading Dyre

The credential-stealing malware Dyre has been tied to a string of phishing attacks.

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