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Goodwill investigates compromise of credit, debit card info

Credit card and debit card data may have been compromised at several Goodwill locations around the country.

Siemens industrial products impacted by four OpenSSL vulnerabilities

The vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely, and fairly easily, by an attacker to hijack sessions and crash the web server of the product.

Pair jailed for Apple-themed phishing scams, racket supported criminal transport

A man and a woman were sentenced to 14 years for conspiring to steal money in a phishing scheme that was then used to transport criminals into the U.K.

On Facebook, fake video of disrobing woman leads to malware

Shortened URLs on Facebook, leading to a risqué webcam video, are actually being used to spread malware.

Apple to use TLS encryption for iCloud email, other providers

Apple just recently began encrypting its user iCloud messages that are sent to third-party providers.

Qihoo team cracks Tesla's Model S car, reportedly earns $10K

The SyScan +360 conference offered a $10,000 prize to anyone who uncovered vulnerabilities in Tesla's Model S car, which the automaker vowed to fix.

Report: Zero-day attack used in 2010 NASDAQ breach

Bloomberg revealed that hackers used two zero-day flaws to breach NASDAQ's servers in 2010.

Microsoft researchers recommend sometimes ditching complicated passwords

Through their new study, two Microsoft researchers concluded that users should reuse less complicated passwords for accounts that don't require as much protection.

Hamas targets TV station via satellite hack

An Israeli broadcasting regulator confirmed that the incident occurred.

U.K. data security office quietly discloses breach

The U.K.'s data security watchdog has disclosed a data breach it suffered in the last year.

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