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FTC launches 'Start With Security' initiative

The Federal Trade Commission will share lessons learned from the 54 data security cases it has brought as part of its "Start With Security" program.

Tech firms fear vague language in Chinese security law could be used to force backdoors

Vague language in a new Chinese security law has multinational tech firms concerned that China may use it to force them to build backdoors or provide encryption keys and source code.

Attackers use fake British Gas site to spread TorrentLocker

Researchers have seen an uptick in TorrentLocker infections in the U.K. and Turkey.

MasterCard testing facial recognition technology to verify online purchases

MasterCard has announced that it will begin using facial recognition and other biometric measures to verify payments in an effort to replace passwords.

Skimmer on Santander Bank ATM vestibule door leads to fraud

A magnetic stripe skimming device had been placed on the ATM vestibule door at a Santander Bank location in Woburn, Mass.

FISC judge gives NSA go-ahead to resume surveillance

A surveillance court judge ruled Monday that the NSA could temporarily resume its bulk data collection program during the transition period to the reforms of the USA Freedom Act signed into law June 2.

Trump Hotel Collection investigating potential payment card breach

According to a statement, Trump Hotel Collection has been alerted to potential suspicious credit card activity and is determining if it involves any of its properties.

JPMorgan reassigns CISO a year after major data breach

JPMorgan Chase reassigned the executive in charge of network security a year after he was criticized for his handling of a major data breach.

Unencrypted GoPro updates leave users vulnerable to attack

GoPro Studio sends update requests and receives updates over unencrypted connections leaving users vulnerable to attack.

FBI investigates physical attacks on San Francisco internet cables

The attacks reportedly date back a year, and happened as recently as Tuesday morning.

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