News Bytes owner targeted in site hack

Mudit Grover's personal information was published online after a hacker, Team Danny, took control of the site.

FBI director warns of Apple and Google device encryption implications

After both companies said their new operating systems would come equipped with default encryption, FBI director James B. Coney used a speech to warn attendees of the repercussions those decisions could have.

FireEye pegs top Java exploits and EKs using them

A report details the three most commonly exploited Java bugs affecting users.

Two Detroit men arrested may be linked to Home Depot breach

A routine traffic stop in Texas resulted in two men being arrested for possession of criminal devices.

TD Bank reaches $850K breach settlement with states

The settlement brings some resolve to the 2012 breach, where the bank lost unencrypted backup tapes.

N.M. man, who intercepted governor's emails, sentenced to nine months

Jaime Estrada was sentenced to nine months in prison and was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine.

Hackers targeted Chase Corporate Challenge site to find infiltration route

The Corporate Challenge site was one of many avenues tested by persistent attackers, reports reveal.

South Korea mulls replacing nat'l ID cards after breach

Replacing the card would likely cost the South Korean government about $650 million and businesses would pay out billions to upgrade systems.

Google ordered to remove Japanese search results on man

A man claims his privacy was violated and that his life was threatened after search results indicated he might have been involved in a past crime.

Drupal core contains 'highly critical' SQL injection vulnerability

Upgrading to Drupal core 7.32 will address the vulnerability, which could lead to privilege escalation and arbitrary PHP execution if exploited.

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