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Canada Revenue Agency sends taxpayer info to CBC

Tax and donation information was revealed on hundreds of Canadians, some of them prominent.

Authorities eye foreign operatives in Target breach

A year after the massive breach at the retailer, authorities are keeping mum, but security pros say signs point to Ukrainian man.

E-cigarette from China distributes malware to systems

An executive's system was reportedly infected by malware after he charged an e-cigarette purchased on eBay through his system's USB port.

Credit unions urge Congress to enforce security standards for retailers

The National Association of Federal Credit Unions is asking Congress to establish national data breach and notification standards for retailers.

NSA civil liberties and privacy officer addresses concerns in virtual Q&A

Rebecca Richards took to Tumblr to address concerns about the NSA's activities and Edward Snowden's leaks.

Beth Israel medical center to pay $100K over data breach

The Boston-based hospital agreed to the fine related to its 2012 data breach which left information on thousands of patients vulnerable to compromise.

Home Depot faces 44 lawsuits post-breach

The company disclosed the lawsuits as part of its quarterly earnings report.

Google launches security dashboard and wizard

The technology company launched a new dashboard to keep users aware of devices that are linked up to their accounts.

DroidJack RAT hits hacker forums, comes from legitimate app developers

A researcher at Symantec traced DroidJack's origins back to legitimate Android app developers and previous RATs.

Sony attacked, investigating 'an IT matter,' according to reports

The potential issue began on Monday when an image of a skeleton appeared on employee computers along with a message stating, "Hacked By #GOP."

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