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Partners HealthCare says workers responded to phishing emails, patient data at risk

A phishing scheme may have compromised the information of nearly 3,300 patients.

Canadian woman accused of harassing adults, minors using RAT

A Canadian woman was arrested for allegedly infecting computers using a RAT, and harassing and spying on victims.

FAA: Software bug impacts Boeing 787 electrical power

The aviation authority instructed operators to take "interim action" to prevent loss of AC electrical power, until a software fix is available.

USA Freedom Act passes House Judiciary Committee

The House Judiciary Committee approved the "USA Freedom Act," effectively setting the bill up to be voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Hackers steal nearly $5M from Ryanair's accounts

Hackers pilfered almost $5 million from the budget airline in an unauthorized electronic funds transfer through a bank in China.

FBI investigating Rutgers University in DDoS attack

Rutgers and the FBI are collaborating to investigate a series of DDoS attacks against the university.

Google launches Chrome extension to combat phishing

Google released a Chrome extension that warns users when they're typing their account information into a illegitimate page.

Bedep malware inflates views to push political agenda on Dailymotion

According to researchers at Trustwave, hackers leveraged Bedep to generate fake views for pro-Russian videos.

iPad app glitch delays 74 flights for American Airlines

A glitch in an iPad apps pilots use to communicate caused of 74 flight delays for American Airlines.

Tor Browser 4.5 released, comes with various enhancements

Released on Monday, Tor Browser 4.5 comes with improvements to security, privacy and usability.

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