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China delays tech requirements seen as impeding competition

After meeting with U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, Chinese officials put a hold on restrictions that would require tech companies to provide code and comply with audits.

Premera breach spawns class action suits

In five class action suits, Premera customers accuse the insurance provider of negligence.

Facebook tracks internet users without consent, breaking EU law

New research from the EU suggests that Facebook is tracking internet users' web browsing habits, even if they've opted out of the feature or haven't registered with the social media site.

Reddit subpoenaed for user info after Evolution shutdown

Black market Evolution disappeared this month, along with $12 million in Bitcoin, as part of what is believed to be an exit scam.

Australia immigration dept. leaked 2014 G20 leaders' personal info

Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection inadvertently leaked personal information of world leaders who attended the 2014 G20 Summit in Brisbane.

Uber log-in credentials surface on black market

Selling for as little as $1, Uber login credentials have been found on the black market though the company still denies it was hacked.

Bitcoin blockchain exploitation could allow for malware spreading

A Kaspersky researcher found that the cryptocurrency's ledger can be used to store malware control mechanisms or provide access to illicit content.

Russia's FSB, Ministry of Internal Affairs tackle Tyupkin ATM threat

Russian authorities have ramped up efforts to locate criminals spreading ATM malware Tyupkin.

PCI Council updates penetration testing guidance for merchants

A recent Verizon study found that regular testing of security systems was a compliance weak point for merchants.

Slack announces breach, unauthorized access to database

Slack announced that unauthorized access was gained to a database for roughly four days in February, and suspicious activity has been detected on a small number of accounts.

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