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Former IT manager faces seven charges in federal indictment

An Illinois IT manager was federally indicted for launching a cyber attack against his former employer.

China suspends tech requirements that drew global concern

Chinese regulators have suspended rules that heavily policed foreign technology, after backlash from its own banks.

AirDroid vulnerability would let attackers take over Android phones

A serious vulnerability has been found in Android's AirDroid application that could allow unauthorized remote access to the user's phone

Github publishes first transparency report

Github released its first transparency report earlier this week and disclosed the 10 requests it received for user data.

Dropbox launches bug bounty program

Dropbox launched its bug bounty program on Wednesday through HackerOne.

Resolution1 lays off global marketing team, focuses on customers, R&D

After splitting from AccessData in 2014, the security start-up has decided to restructure to focus on customers and product development.

PCI SSC releases version 3.1, eschews SSL, early TLS

PCI SSC releases version 3.1, eschews SSL, early TLS

Organizations have 14 months to comply with PCI SSC Version 3.1, which addresses vulnerabilities in SSL and early TLS.

Report: DEA contract supplied agency with Hacking Team spyware

Motherboard and Privacy International revealed the contract between DEA and a government supplier.

Audit finds unsecured docs at most desks in five DHS orgs

Sensitive information was left out in the open after hours on nearly a third of the desks at five Department of Homeland Security (DHS) organizations, a KPMG audit found.

Minnesota university breach update, 160K students affected

Metropolitan State University announced that approximately 160,000 current and former students, as well as 900 faculty members, were impacted in a "likely" breach.

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