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Kaspersky notes increase in legitimate certificates used to sign malware

The number of legitimate certificates used to sign malware jumped from 1,500 to more than 6,000 in only six years.

Russian dating site rewards hacker for amassing email database and 'discovering vulnerability'

After 20 million of its dating site users' email addresses were put up for sale online, Topface tracked down the hacker behind the amassed database and paid him "an award for finding a vulnerability.

Reddit's first transparency report shows user info provided for 58 percent of requests

The online community website said it received 55 requests for user information in 2014 and provided some information in 58 percent of cases.

xHamster malvertising campaign exploits Adobe zero-day

The number of infections for a malvertising campaign originating on an adult website rose by 1500 percent in a two-day period.

Phishing scam tricks users by acting as fake child sex offender alert

The newly identified attack disguises itself as a warning to parents about a new child predator who has moved into their neighborhood.

StealthGenie spyware goes kaput following court ruling

A U.S. district judge has decided to permanently end the advertising, marketing and sales tied to the spyware application.

New Chinese cybersecurity policies require U.S. companies to hand over source code

The Chinese government will begin requiring companies who sell computer equipment to the country's banks to comply with a range of intrusive policies.

GitHub raises max bug bounty award to $10K

The source code sharing website will up its maximum payout from $5,000 to $10,000 in its bug bounty program's second year.

FCC warns businesses: Wi-Fi blocking prohibited

In an attempt to put the issue to rest, the agency warned businesses against blocking guests' personal hotspots.

Dutch judge OKs alleged Russian hacker extradition to U.S.

Vladimir Drinkman, who was arrested in the Netherlands in 2012 and has been fighting extradition since, will face hacking charges in a New Jersey court.

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