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After hack, Ars Technica asks subscribers to change passwords

An intruder initially gained access to an Ars Technica web server and was then able to access a more central machine using information from a "poorly located" backup file.

Researchers find 'CoolReaper' backdoor in CoolPad devices

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers have identified the backdoor on numerous devices, so far leaving more than 10 million users vulnerable.

RSA details new Boleto malware family

The new "Onyx" family of Boleto malware is altering its tactics to infect victims' transactions and possibly cause billions of dollars in losses.

Jeans and blazers will feature RFID blocking fabric

Produced by Norton and Betabrand, the READY Active jeans and Work-It blazer feature pockets lined with RFID blocking material.

Apple wins class-action lawsuit over iPod copyright management

Apple won a class-action lawsuit that alleged they had used a software update to ensure iPod owners could only play songs sold in the iTunes Store or downloaded from CDs.

NIST drafts new cloud metrics guide

The publication, called "Cloud Computing Service Metrics Description," is currently in a public comment phase.

Dutch DPA fine over privacy violations could cost Google $18.6M

The DPA warned Google that by gathering personal information on internet users to personalize ads, it has violated a Dutch privacy act.

Experts discover TorLocker variant targeting Japanese speakers

The newly discovered malware is the first ransomware variant to go after Japanese speakers, demanding ransom fees that range from $500 to $3600.

Sony warns employees of potential fraud

In a letter to employees, Sony warned against fraudsters and offered free identity theft protection.

Firefox, IE11 zero-day bugs possibly targeted in 'SoakSoak' WordPress malware attacks

Attackers exploiting a bug in the Slider Revolution plugin to compromise WordPress websites with malware may also be targeting zero-day vulnerabilities in Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.

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