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This e-newsletter will highlight key commentary and postings from acknowledged experts within the security industry, which appear on the Cybercrime Corner section of the SC Magazine website. The Cybercrime Corner section seeks to deliver breaking news on today’s exploits, focused analysis and practical solutions to expand IT security professionals understanding of the current threat landscape.

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If you, as a senior security and technology professional in both the private and public sectors, are looking for leading-edge updates, advice and analysis on happenings in the information security industry, look no further than the SC Magazine Canada newsletter.

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If your company is looking for a new security strategy or a solid technology tip, the SC Magazine Featured White Paper of the Day is for you.

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The Product Reviews newsletter features a sampling of reviews appearing in the latest issue of SC Magazine. In Group Tests each month, our U.S.-based team, which includes SC Lab staff and a network of external experts, assess several products around a common theme. Our reviews are the most objective, thorough and best in the industry.

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This email will feature special offers, free trials and downloads and the latest product information from leading IT security vendors.

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This email features trial versions of popular programs on the market.

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