Over 140 Target breach lawsuits consolidated in Minn.

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Over 140 lawsuits against Target have been consolidated in a Minnesota federal court, according to recent reports.

A Wednesday article at the Pioneer Press revealed that nearly 100 lawyers throughout the U.S. were vying to represent plaintiffs, who will be assigned to one of three groups: those filing consumer lawsuits, financial institution complaints, or shareholder claims.

The lawsuits stem from the massive breach Minneapolis-based Target suffered over the holidays, which compromised the data of around 40 million payment cards, as well as the separate information of 70 million customers.

U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson in Minnesota is overseeing the consolidation of the cases, though it is still unclear whether the lawsuits will gain class-action status, putting potential claimants in the millions.

In late March, banks teamed to file a class-action against Target and security firm Trustwave, but, within a week, the plaintiffs dropped out of the lawsuit.

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