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Hexis Cyber Solutions NetBeat NAC Enterprise

VENDOR: Hexis Cyber Solutions

WHAT: A well-designed network access control solution that can be deployed in minutes.

PRICE: $16,995.


Forum Systems Sentry API Gateway

VENDOR: Forum Systems

WHAT: A comprehensive application security appliance that allows users to set up robust security over a variety of different protocols and data formats.

PRICE: Starting at $25,000, plus support.


Avatier Identity Management Suite

VENDOR: Avatier

WHAT: A software-based identity management product.

PRICE: Starts at $45 per user.



VENDOR: PistolStar, Inc.

WHAT: PistolStar, Inc. maker of PortalGuard offers an on-premise turnkey user authentication solution-set for companies with external-facing web applications to their employees, contractors, suppliers, and vendors. This all-in-one integrated design includes two-factor methods, single sign-on, centralized self-service password reset/unlock, password synchronization, plus transparent barriers to confirm user identities by validating their context.

PRICE: $10k for unlimited users (2FA, SSO IdP, SSPR, Sync)


Ping Identity PingOne

VENDOR: Ping Identity Corporation

WHAT: Cloud-based federated identity management for “cloud identity management switch.”

PRICE: PingOne Cloud Access Services starts at $5 per user per month, which includes 24/7 technical support. PingOne Application Provider Services starts as low as $2 per user per year, which includes 24/7 technical support.


Quest One Identity Solution

VENDOR: Quest Software

WHAT: Quest One Identity provides administrators with a way to manage and unify accounts throughout the enterprise, including Windows-based accounts, as well as integrating non-Windows-based systems into the account management lifecycle.

PRICE: prices generally start at $20 per enabled user and vary depending on the required solution components


Novell Identity Manager by NetIQ


WHAT: Novell Identity Manager by NetIQ provides comprehensive account management across enterprise systems, including physical, virtual and cloud-based environments.

PRICE: $25 per user, list price; standard program and volume discounts available


Hitachi ID Identity Manager

VENDOR: Hitachi ID Systems

WHAT: The Identity Manager from Hitachi ID Systems is part of the Hitachi ID Management Suite.

PRICE: starts at $33 per user


Fischer Identity

VENDOR: Fischer International

WHAT: Fischer Identity is an all-in-one user account provisioning and management tool that can plug into almost any authentication platform throughout the enterprise.

PRICE: starting at $22.80 per user (10,000 users)


Evidian Access Management

VENDOR: Evidian

WHAT: Access Management is a piece of Evidian’s larger Identity and Access Management Suite.

PRICE: starts at $72 per user; price depends on the features chosen and number of users


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