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It's time to tell clients the truth

It's time to tell clients the truth

What customers want to hear is that they can solve any problem by simply writing out a purchase order. And we in the security industry are all too happy to accept the purchase order for our devices, software and services. But...

McAfee working to fix XSS, information disclosure flaws


McAfee's website suffers from a number of vulnerabilities, which could allow cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and information disclosure, researchers warned this week.

Microsoft responds to Black Hat talk with IE bug advisory


An Internet Explorer vulnerability revealed at this week's Black Hat conference in Washington, D.C. prompted Microsoft to issue an advisory on the issue.

Why we need hackers

The stigma attached to the term "hacker" needs to be dropped if computer security advancements are to be made.

Purported malicious CD-ROMs actually part of pen test


A package sent to a credit union last week containing supposedly malicious CD-ROMs prompted a fraud alert from the National Credit Union Administration, but it was actually part of a penetration test.


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