Police net copy-cat phisherman

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The UK's National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) has arrested a 21 year-old man suspected of carrying out phishing attacks.

High-tech crime police in Lancashire, UK made the arrest after investigating reported attacks in March from internet bank Smile.

Police said the man is believed to be a copy-cat scammer and not associated with organized crime groups that have targeted banks in English speaking countries.

"This is a copy-cat case and he's not going to get away with it," said Len Hynds, head of the NHTCU. "It's not related to organized crime. Do not try this at home because we will find you. People are entitled to their identity without fear it can be stolen by criminals."

Hynds added praise for industry collaboration in fighting e-crime.

"We are at a stage that we can acknowledge and say 'well done' to industry," said Hynds. "When you see more people who carry out these things, you can really get into their mind set."

The announcement was made at the InfoSec conference in London.

Last year the NHTCU arrested more than 100 people.

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