Policy Management/Enforcement

Viewfinity Application Control

VENDOR: Viewfinity

WHAT: Application Control from Viewfinity offers full-scale application policy that can be deployed right from a group policy within Active Directory.

PRICE: Starting at $50 per endpoint and $225 per server.


Tufin Orchestration Suite


WHAT: Another year and another version of Tufin. This year, users will notice that it is sporting a new name. It is now called the Tufin Orchestration Suite. Along with the new name there are some great new features, but more on that shortly. First, for those who are not familiar with the Tufin appliance here is a rundown.

PRICE: $45,000.


Tripwire, Inc.

Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire DataMart

VENDOR: Tripwire

WHAT: Tripwire Enterprise is a full-scale configuration management product that allows administrators to create master “known and trusted” configuration states for many types of systems and devices on the network.

PRICE: Starting at $12,000.


Titania Nipper Studio

VENDOR: Titania

WHAT: Nipper Studio from Titania is a newcomer this year to our policy management review. This product offers full auditing of network devices, such as firewalls, routers and switches.

PRICE: Ranges from $40 per device to $8.50 per device based on volume.


SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager

VENDOR: SolarWinds

WHAT: Network Configuration Manager from SolarWinds is a powerful tool for managing policy compliance across many network devices including routers, switches and firewalls.

PRICE: $2,695.


TrustedAgent GRC

VENDOR: Trusted Integration

WHAT: TrustedAgent GRC v5.0.4 is an IT risk and governance tool modeled after the NIST 800-37 risk management framework – with two added steps that include define, categorize, plan, implement, assess, manage, authorize and monitor.

PRICE: TrustedAgent offers two forms of pricing: Perpetual license: Typical, small on-premise deployment does not exceed $23,000. Medium to larger organization perpetual license starts at $37,500. Annual maintenance is 25 percent of the software licensing cost. The customer is responsible for the provisioning of required hardware and operating systems for the servers running the TrustedAgent application. Subscription as cloud-based service (SaaS): Initial subscription starts at $4,600 per year for 5


Skybox View Enterprise Suite

VENDOR: Skybox Security

WHAT: Skybox Risk Control is part of Skybox View, a complete portfolio of proactive security risk management solutions that automatically find, prioritize risks and drive remediation in a large or complex network before an adverse event occurs.

PRICE: $13,000.



Rsam GRC Platform


WHAT: Rsam GRC v8.2 is a platform for risk management and security risk intelligence enabling organizations to perform risk assessments, manage compliance, threats and vulnerabilities, policies, remediation activities, issues, incidents and more.

PRICE: $20k annual subscription or $50k perpetual license.


RSA Archer GRC Platform 5.4 SP1


WHAT: RSA Archer GRC Platform 5.4 SP1 provides an organization with a consolidated view of its risk.

PRICE: A mid-range configuration starts at approximately $55,000 a solution. Subscription-based pricing model with tiered pricing for all solutions, with the option of term or perpetual licensing. The base platform is included within the solution price.


Promisec Endpoint Manager

VENDOR: Promisec

PRICE: Starting at $20 per endpoint per year.


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