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New cybersecurity alliance launches in Massachusetts


The Advanced Cyber Security Center will partner businesses and research universities to share threat information and develop more effective defense strategies.

Podcast Episode No. 3: Microsoft's Blue Hat competition


Katie Moussouris, senior security strategist lead at Microsoft, discusses the software giant's recently announced Blue Hat competition, which offers $250,000 in cash and prizes to the winning researchers who develop advanced technologies to defend Windows against entire classes of vulnerabilities that can be exploited to bypass the platform's existing mitigations. Moussouris describes how Microsoft came up with the idea, why defensive research is just as important as one-off vulnerability discoveries and how the oft-cynical research community is reacting to the contest.

Black Hat: New DARPA program to fund independent hackers


The DoD's Cyber Fast Track initiative will fund small hacker groups and independent researchers in the development of cutting-edge solutions that can be created in short intervals for a low cost.

Open source research program for DHS takes root


The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is currently heading a new five-year, $10 million U.S. Department of Homeland Security project to investigate open cybersecurity methods and how they can benefit government. The program, called Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST), is aimed at identifying open-source approaches that can support federal security objectives while saving agencies money. As part of the program, GTRI researchers are reaching out to members of government, industry and academia to learn how such solutions have been successfully implemented and where challenges remain. They plan to launch a public information portal this summer.

RSA Conference: Cybercriminals are filling the research gap

In order for research to be effective, collaboration must improve between the government, university and industry sectors, panelists agreed at a session at Wednesday's RSA Conference.


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