AlienVault Unified Security Management v4.4

AlienVault’s Unified Security Management product is an excellent introductory SIEM appliance.

BlackStratus LOG Storm v4.3.0.86

LOG Storm from BlackStratus combines log management and correlation systems with real-time monitoring and an integrated incident response system all on one easy-to-deploy and use appliance.

CorreLog Enterprise Server v5.4.0

System administrators looking to extend their logging capabilities, or security professionals needing to gain deeper insights into their computing environments, might start their search with the CorreLog Enterprise Server.

EiQ Networks SecureVue v3.6.6

SecureVue from EiQ Networks provides log gathering, correlation and analysis services for numerous operating systems, network and security devices, combining these services into a solid SIEM platform that offers vulnerability and compliance monitoring, incident management and configuration auditing in one easy-to-use package.

EventTracker Enterprise v7.5

This feature-rich tool is designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. It hits all the marks for an enterprise SIEM.

HP ArcSight ESM v6.5c

HP’s ArcSight ESM is a mature product that collects events from virtually any source.

LogRhythm v6.2

Combining SIEM, log management, file integrity monitoring and analytics with powerful forensic tools, LogRhythm v6.2 offers security professionals a powerful monitoring and auditing platform to keep them informed, and an excellent investigatory tool in case things go wrong.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager v9.3.2

Enterprise Security Manager from McAfee is a truly enterprise-grade SIEM. Able to process thousands of events per second and store billions of events and flows, it offers great visibility into network activity for customers of any size.

NetIQ Sentinel v7.1

NetIQ’s SIEM helps to quickly identify and respond to threats and to simplify management and compliance reporting. It delivers scalable log collection, aggregation, correlation, and analysis and reporting capabilities through flexible deployment options.

SolarWinds Log Event Manager v5.7

The SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) offers a quality set of log management, event correlation, search and reporting facilities.

Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliance

The Threat Prevention Appliance from Check Point Technologies provides a solid security platform that can be customized with the addition of several software blades.

Cyberoam Technologies Pvt Ltd CR200iNGXP

The CR200iNG-XP from Cyberoam Technologies offers full-scale, best-of-breed protection including an intrusion prevention system, gateway anti-virus, spam prevention at the gateway, web content filtering and a web application firewall.

Dell SonicWALL NSA 4600

The NSA 4600 from Dell SonicWALL incorporates next-generation firewall technology combined with a multi-core hardware platform to provide robust protection at the perimeter of even some of the most demanding networks.

Fortinet FortiGate140DPOE

The FortiGate-140D-POE from Fortinet offers a built-in firewall, intrusion prevention system, application control, web and email filtering and anti-virus in one solid appliance.

SecPoint Protector P800

The Protector UTM appliance from SecPoint offers a full set of features packed into a single device.

VASCO aXsGUARD Gatekeeper

This product provides a complete secure remote access platform that incorporates many perimeter security functions.

WatchGuard XTM 545

The XTM 545 from WatchGuard provides an excellent mix of best-of-breed functions and an easy-to-manage platform for robust perimeter security.

Bitdefender GravityZone

Take a security server in your virtual environment, add tools on each of the virtual servers you want to protect, throw in a control center in the cloud and you have what you need to protect against malware in the virtual world.

5nine Cloud Security for HyperV

This is the only virtual security product of its type exclusive to Microsoft Hyper-V.

HyTrust CloudControl

This is a security automation product for use in a VMware environment.

Intigua 2.6

Virtual management for virtual environments.

PrivateCore vCage

Secures servers with software-based attestation, full-memory encryption and OS hardening, providing a foundation for trusted computing.

BeyondTrust UVM20 Security Management Appliance

The UVM20 Security Management Appliance from BeyondTrust offers a full set of vulnerability scanning and compliance tools that are well integrated into a single easy-to-use appliance that features the Retina CS Threat Management Console as the center piece of the suite.

Core Security Insight Enterprise

Insight Enterprise offers a full vulnerability and risk management platform that can be used to analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities throughout the enterprise to ensure that risk from vulnerabilities is handled effectively.

GFI LanGuard 2014

LanGuard from GFI Software is back again this year and those who are familiar with the tool will feel right at home with the latest version for 2014.

netVigilance Internal Scan Cloud

Internal Scan - Cloud Edition from netVigilance offers a full vulnerability testing suite that can scan pretty much anything with an IP address and report on any vulnerabilities.

Qualys QualysGuard Express

QualysGuard Express from Qualys uses the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to provide vulnerability and compliance management services to customers.

SecPoint Penetrator

Virtual machine makes deployment easy, high-gain antenna for Wi-Fi cracking.

Secunia Corporate Software Inspector CSI

Secunia’s Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) enables users to leverage its signature-based vulnerability scanner via installable software agents and/or a simple-to-use web-based console.

Skybox Security Skybox Risk Control

Focusing more on total risk than individual threats, this product analyzes networks in a holistic manner, enabling security teams to first remediate threats to hosts that could cause the most damage rather than relying solely on criticality ratings.

Strategic Cyber Cobalt Strike

Strategic Cyber’s Cobalt Strike application is a serious penetration testing and educational tool.

Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View

Combining the gold-standard Nessus vulnerability scanner with the powerful Passive Vulnerability Scanner and Log Correlation Engine, Tenable’s Security Center Continuous View brings some of the industry’s best vulnerability management tools under one roof.

Deepnet Security DualShield v5.7

DualShield v5.7 from Deepnet Security is an authentication platform using multifactor and biometric authentication techniques.

Entrust IdentityGuard

Entrust IdentityGuard is a multifactor authentication tool that allows users to employ soft tokens, physical hardware tokens, and more.

HID Global ActivID Appliance

This product offers a wide variety of strong authentication measures for several services and online applications.

IronKey F200 Biometric Flash Drive

The IronKey F200 Biometric Flash Drive by Imation comes in several sizes for different uses.

RSA Authentication Manager

The strongest aspects of this product were its support, functionality and ease of use.

SafeNet Authentication Service

The SafeNet Authentication Service is overall a great product. We particularly found its functionality, set up and documentation to be strong.

SecureAuth IdP

SecureAuth IdP is a good choice for an authentication solution because it supports a variety of multi-platform authentication devices and the server can be setup in the cloud or on-premises.

SecurEnvoy SecurAccess v7

SecurEnvoy’s SecurAccess is a product for authentication using multifactor and/or biometrics.

Swivel Secure Swivel Appliance

The Swivel Appliance from Swivel Secure provides strong authentication in a variety of ways.

VASCO IDENTIKEY Authentication Server and DIGIPASS GO

VASCO IDENTIKEY Authentication Server and DIGIPASS GO in combination are a physical token-based authentication tool.

CA DataMinder Classification

CA DataMinder Classification “discovers and classifies sensitive structured and unstructured content stored within file servers, databases, collaboration tools and storage repositories.

TITUS Classification

Provides email and document classification – when both products are used – for Microsoft platforms.

Verdasys Managed Service

As part of the Digital Guardian program, provides data classification.

Varonis DatAdvantage and IDU Classification Framework

Provides data classification for human-generated files, such as documents and SharePoint files or any human-generated files that reside on file servers.

Workshare Enterprise

SaaS-delivered secure collaboration application.

Barracuda Web Application Firewall Model 660

Model 660 is a useful tool that provides protection for web applications.

BIGIP Application Security Manager ASM

The tool takes advantage of IP reputation, context and categorization to analyze incoming and outgoing IP addresses.


A comprehensive database security management tool that provides vulnerability assessment, auditing and monitoring for database management systems.

SecureSphere X1010 Web Application Firewall X1010

The appealing aspect of the SecureSphere X1010 Web Application Firewall X1010 - and other Imperva servers - was the preloaded policies that were already running once the server was up and operating.

SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring X2500

This solution provides protection against such attacks as SQL injection. It is intended to be used with SecureSphere Web Application Firewall.

McAfee Database Security Solution

McAfee describes the functionality of the tool as providing "the five essentials for database protection: discovery, assessment, monitoring, prevention and compliance."

Avatier Identity Management Suite AIMS v9

AIMS provides a complete set of identity management (IdM), network access control (NAC) and data leakage prevention (DLP) features.

Bradford Networks Network Sentry v6.1

Network Sentry monitors edge connections to a network and provisions the appropriate level of network access based on role-based security policies.

Centrify Suite 2013.2 Platinum Edition

By leveraging an existing infrastructure enterprise, Centrify Suite 2013.2 Platinum Edition provides central control and securing and auditing of user access through cross-platform systems, mobile devices and applications.

Code Green Networks TrueDLP v8.1

TrueDLP is delivered via Code Green Networks’ Content Inspection (CI) Appliances.

Fischer International Identity Fischer Identity v5.2

The Fischer International Identity solution is a set of high-availability Java applications for SaaS (software-as-a-service) and on-premise, running on open source or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms (OS, DB, directory, etc.).

ForeScout CounterACT v7.0

ForeScout CounterACT offers an enterprise-class NAC platform that assures network access based on real-time endpoint classification configuration assessment, user and endpoint compliance policy and automated response.

Hitachi ID Management Suite v8.2.1

The Hitachi ID Management Suite v8.2.1 contains several identity management components that are well integrated to form a fairly comprehensive suite.

Lieberman Software Enterprise Random Password Manager v4.83.6

The Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) from Lieberman Software is more than just a random password generator.

NetIQ Identity Manager v4.0.2

Identity Manager from NetIQ provides tools for managing the entire user identity lifecycle – from on-boarding through deletion and everything in-between.

Pleasant Solutions Pleasant Password Server v4.1.7

The Pleasant Password Server from Pleasant Solutions provides a way to add central management capabilities to the KeePass Password Safe, a free, open source password manager.

StillSecure Safe Access v6.1

Safe Access from StillSecure is a feature-rich network access control appliance that can detect and monitor many types of endpoints throughout the network and ensure they comply with the enterprise policy before access to network resources is granted

Axway MailGate SC

The MailGate SC from Axway incorporates email security with safeguard collaboration functions.

Barracuda Spam Virus Firewall Model 400

The Spam & Virus Firewall from Barracuda Networks provides solid inbound and outbound email security functionality through a feature-rich appliance.

Cisco Email Security

The Cisco Email Security virtual appliance offers a full set of inbound and outbound email security and control features.

EdgeWave ePrism Email Security

The ePrism Email Security appliance from EdgeWave offers email security features such as inbound and outbound content filtering and email policy enforcement, anti-spam and anti-virus.

FSecure Protection Service for Email

The F-Secure Protection Service for Email is a fully hosted email security offering that can work in tandem with an already existing email server to provide a complete set of email security features.

Fortinet FortiMail200D

The FortiMail-200D from Fortinet features many email security features bundled into an easy-to-manage appliance. It includes anti-virus, anti-spam, onboard identity-based encryption, and content filtering and data leakage prevention through the use of many predefined policies.

McAfee Email Protection

McAfee Email Protection offers full-scale email security and content management in a single appliance with flexible deployment options.

WatchGuard XCS 880

The XCS (Extensible Content Security) Appliance from WatchGuard provides solid email security and email content management in one easy-to-manage appliance.

CA Technologies eComMinder with CA RiskMinder

This tool manages card-not-present (CNP) transactions.

RSA Silver Tail

This solution offers comprehensive protection for websites.

Trusteer Pinpoint Account Takeover Detection

This product provides account takeover protection.


This solution, part of our Emerging Products Group Test on online fraud, provides two-factor authentication in a consumer environment.

Co3 Systems Simplifying incident management

Co3 Systems is a cloud-based service that takes everything one needs to know about their organization, meshes it with an extensive knowledge base, procedure and law, and walks responders through the response to a breach.

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector 4

Endpoint Protector 4 from CoSoSys provides endpoint protection through the use of three feature-rich modules

DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite

This product is quite comprehensive and has many configurable options for policy.


DriveLock from CenterTools provides a full set of endpoint security features.

ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security provides a full range of endpoint protection features.

Fortinet FortiClient 5.0 for Windows

FortiClient from Fortinet is an endpoint security client designed to be deployed alongside of a FortiGate appliance.

Identity Finder Sensitive Data Manager

Included with the suite are the tools necessary to deeply scan systems across the network and via cloud storage, and to find all sensitive data that needs to be secured, shredded or quarantined.

Invincea Enterprise

With this software deployed, virtually all malware can seamlessly be detected, contained and prevented without any need for user interaction.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business provides a full suite of endpoint security features in one easy-to-manage application.

LANDesk Security Suite v9.5

This offering manages, assesses and controls security at the endpoint through a single agent and server architecture.

Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite v7.3

This solution unifies the functions of IT operations and security through a single console, server and agent architecture to seamlessly and more effectively address IT risk and systems management requirements across the enterprise.

Novell Endpoint Protection Suite v11.x

This tool provides dynamic, user-aware policies for encryption, personal firewall, device/port controls, wireless control settings, application controls, and more.

Quarri Technologies Protect On Q v3.2

This is a security software solution that helps to prevent data leakage.

Safetica Technologies Safetica v5

Safetica manages and controls data security at the endpoint through its client-server architecture and three major components.

Sophos Complete Security Suite

This product suite provides a good set of endpoint protection tools.

Symantec Endpoint Protection v12.1.2

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a client-server solution that protects laptops, desktops, Windows, Macs and servers.

ThreatTrack Security VIPRE Business Premium v6.0

VIPRE combines a small-footprint anti-virus agent with integrated patch management and mobile device management, while VIPRE Business Premium helps enterprises manage and control endpoint security without sacrificing system performance.

Total Defense for Business

This cloud-based endpoint security platform offers advanced anti-malware technology that protects an organization’s endpoint devices from malware, secures and controls applications being used by end-users, and protects against threats from removable media.

Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints v10.6

This product secures the endpoints both on and off the network with anti-malware, malicious websites blocking and host intrusion protection.

LANDesk/Wavelink Avalanche

Avalanche from LANDesk/Wavelink allows administrators to remotely manage a number of endpoint devices, including those from Apple, Android and Windows Mobile, as well as wireless printers and Windows client machines.

Acronis activEcho v2.7

Acronis activEcho provides document-sharing features, and hosts everything within one’s own private network.

Bitzer Mobile BEAM Mobility Platform v2.4

The BEAM Mobility Platform from Bitzer Mobile allows IT departments to enforce data leakage protection policies while offering secure access to internal applications – without the use of VPN.

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