Risk Management

Tufin Security Suite


WHAT: Tufin Security Suite is back again this year and, just as in years past, it has some great new features onboard.

PRICE: $45,000 for up to 10 managed applications.


Tripwire, Inc.

Tripwire Enterprise and DataMart

VENDOR: Tripwire

WHAT: Tripwire Enterprise and DataMart are two products that compose a suite for maintaining configuration states of servers, network devices and databases, as well as robust reporting services, to allow for deeper analysis of security and configuration policy.

PRICE: Starting at $18,000


Symantec Control Compliance Suite

VENDOR: Symantec Corp.

WHAT: Symantec Control Compliance Suite (CCS) automates key IT risk and compliance management tasks.

PRICE: Product cost varies depending on a number of variables, including the size of the environment, and the number of assets, platforms and users.


SolarWinds Patch Manager and Firewall Security Manager

VENDOR: SolarWinds

WHAT: Patch Manager and Firewall Security Manager from SolarWinds are two products that can be used together by administrators and security professionals to achieve a full picture of system patch policy and firewall policy auditing.

PRICE: $2,995 for license with one-year maintenance for Patch Manager; $1,295 for license with one-year maintenance for Firewall Security Manager.


Skybox View Enterprise Suite

VENDOR: Skybox Security

WHAT: Skybox View Enterprise Suite v6.5 is a complete portfolio of proactive security risk management solutions that automatically find and prioritize risks and drive remediation.

PRICE: Starts at $15,000



Rsam GRC


WHAT: Rsam GRC v8 is a platform for risk management and security risk intelligence enabling organizations to perform risk assessments, manage compliance, threats and vulnerabilities, policies, remediation activities, issues, incidents and more.

PRICE: $20,000 annual subscription, or $50,000 perpetual license.


RSA Archer GRC Platform


WHAT: RSA Archer’s Risk Manager is part of an enterprise GRC product portfolio sold and licensed as modules: audit, policy, risk, compliance, enterprise, incident, vendor, threat and business continuity management.

PRICE: $55,000


RedSeal 6 Platform

VENDOR: RedSeal Networks

WHAT: RedSeal 6 Platform is a risk-based IT security management platform that enables organizations to identify, prioritize and respond to critical points of weakness in complex enterprise security control infrastructure.

PRICE: Perpetual software license: $1,000 per managed network device (firewall, router, etc.), software support and maintenance is 20 percent of perpetual software license per year ($200/device); appliance: $15,000, appliance support and maintenance: 20 percent of appliance price per year ($3,000/appliance).


Promisec Endpoint Manager

VENDOR: Promisec

WHAT: Promisec Endpoint Manager is a full-scale policy and endpoint management platform that allows administrators to inspect, monitor and enforce configuration and compliance policy across the entire IT environment from one easy-to-manage console.

PRICE: Prices start at $14 per endpoint for a one-year subscription (up to 1,000 endpoints).


New Net Technologies Change Tracker Enterprise

VENDOR: New Net Technologies

WHAT: Change Tracker Enterprise from New Net Technologies offers full change and policy compliance management and monitoring.

PRICE: 2,200


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