Sandboxing News, Articles and Updates

Update uninstalls Apple-provided Java plug-in


One day after Oracle released a massive security update, which included fixes for a number of Java vulnerabilities, Apple shipped its own update for Java for Mac OS X.

Security beefed up in new Adobe Reader, Acrobat


Adobe has advanced its sandbox technologies in the latest Reader and Acrobat editions to deter against data theft. It's also added a number of other security features.

Java thrashing continues with new vulnerabilty discovery


The latest flaw affecting Java SE could allow an attacker to take over machines through a complete security sandbox bypass. But, so far, there have been no reports of active exploits.

Russian works around sandbox to pull off Chrome exploit


One of the most prolific Chrome researchers has netted Google's top prize in its inaugural Pwnium competition. Google promptly patched the bug.

Adobe announces Flash sandbox for Firefox


Adobe has added a beta sandbox feature to its Flash Player running in the Mozilla Firefox browser, the company announced Monday

Massive Safari update fixes dozens of security flaws


Along with the release of its latest platform, OS X Lion, Apple this week issued a new version of its Safari web browser, closing dozens of security flaws.

Adobe and Google team for Flash sandbox in Chrome


Adobe and Google have partnered to allow Flash to run with sandboxing technology in the Chrome browser, the two companies announced Wednesday. "This first iteration of Chrome's Flash Player sandbox for all [supported] Windows platforms uses a modified version of Chrome's existing sandbox technology that protects certain sensitive resources from being accessed by malicious code, while allowing applications to use less sensitive ones," read a post on The Chromium Blog. The release initially is available to Chrome developer channel users. In November, Adobe released its latest Reader version, X, which includes sandboxing that forces operations that display PDF files to the user to be run inside a confined environment. - DK


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