Rogers victimized by ransomware

A misstep by an IT employee of Canadian communications conglomerate Rogers Communications allowed the contractual information of 50-70 of the company's business customers to be exposed via Twitter.

Anonymous member deported from Canada

Canada deported self-proclaimed Anonymous member Matt DeHart.

Canadian government investing to counter attacks

Shared Services Canada plans to spend $55 million to upgrade IT infrastructure.

CSE spies on global file uploads

One of Canada's intelligence agencies has been secretly monitoring file downloads across the world for years.

Canada losing cybersecurity war

Canada's companies are ill-prepared to meet modern cybersecurity challenges, according to a survey by the Ponemon Institute.

Bill C-51 widens government surveillance powers

The Canadian government has introduced Bill C-51, an 'anti-terror' bill that will broaden the surveillance powers of government agencies.

Federal data breach legislation advances as provincial lapse nears

A Canadian federal bill that would force companies to notify individuals of breaches moved a step closer to being law in October.

Wildfire breach affects 15,000

British Columbia's provincial government is notifying 15,000 individuals after a privacy breach in its Wildfire Management Branch.

RCMP record keeping needs work, says Privacy Commissioner

Canada's RCMP cannot tell whether it complies with federal privacy law when gathering information about citizens without a warrant, according to a report.

Childrens' Hospital apologizes for rogue employee breach

Alberta Health Services is apologizing following a data breach at Alberta Children's Hospital.

Canadian launches $500m class action against Home Depot

A Canadian is leading a $500 million class-action lawsuit against Home Depot following its data breach in which up to 56 million US and Canadian credit cards were stolen.

Faulty UBC software exposed student financial information

Students at the University of British Columbia have been warned that their personal information may have been exposed thanks to a software bug.

CSEC mishandled private communications, says watchdog

Canada's foreign spy agency mishandled information on private communications that it had collected by mistake, according to the most recent report by a government watchdog.

National Research Council breached

Canada's National Research Council has written to partner companies informing them of a breach of its cybersecurity systems.

Canadian ISP used In $83,000 cryptocurrency heist

A Canadian ISP has been identified as the source of a cryptocurrency hack that stole $83,000 over four months.

Almost 40 percent of Canada's Justice Department duped by phishing

Almost one in four employees at Canada's Justice Department fell prey to internet phishing in an exercise last December.

Microsoft wavers on Canadian spam fears

Microsoft has reconsidered a move to cease security emails in Canada, following the introduction of an anti-spam law north of the border.

Underinvestment, poor communication plague Canadian cybersecurity

Canadian cybersecurity is languishing due to poor communication and disappointing security investments, according to research from the Ponemon Institute.

New Canadian privacy commissioner comes under fire

Canada's federal privacy commissioner has been replaced in a move that has sparked criticism from activists, academics and political leaders.

Canadian hospital employees leaked personal details to financial firms

Up to 8,300 patients had their personal information stolen and given to financial companies by staff at Ontario's Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital.

Canadian auditors failing on cyber security

Audit committees in Canada are falling behind the rest of the world by not spending enough time assessing cyber security, warned a KPMG report this month.

Canadian court records getting published on Romanian site

A Romanian website is publishing public Canadian records for profit.

Canada privacy bill faces opposition

The Data Privacy Act has been greeted with great protest from privacy advocates.

Heartbleed bug helps hackers steal data from Canada Revenue Agency

The Heartbleed bug cost the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) 900 social insurance numbers, which were stolen by a hacker exploiting the OpenSSL flaw.

Canada government requested subscriber data from telecommunications firms

The government of Canada requested subscriber data from Canadian telecommunications firms once every 27 seconds, says a researcher.

Health law needs reform, says provincial privacy watchdog

The Albertan Information and Privacy Commissioner has formally asked the government to amend the province's Health Information Act with mandatory breach reporting and notification measures. security not that well, letter reveals, an online store selling health and beauty products, exposed names, addresses and credit card details for some of its customers in December, it admitted last month.

Canada signs Wedge Networks to secure government data centers

The Canadian government has hired Wedge Networks, a provider of cloud-based security services, to secure its computing infrastructure.

Canadian spies defend airport data collection

Canadian intelligence agency officials defended themselves at a Senate hearing early in February, after it was revealed that they had collected data on passengers travelling through Canadian airports via Wi-Fi access points.

Canadian Commissioner calls for privacy overhaul

The Canadian government should overhaul privacy legislation and reign in intelligence agencies to reflect a changing security landscape, its Privacy Commissioner told parliamentarians in late January.

BlackBerry founder steps back from takeover

A regulatory filing indicated that BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis sold more than $26 million of stock in his former company.

Spy agency admits "incidental" interception of Canadians' information

The Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSE) has admitted that it "may incidentally intercept Canadian communications or information."

Authors unite against electronic surveillance

Some of Canada's best-known authors - including Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel and John Ralston Saul - added their names to an online petition condemning mass surveillance by governments and corporations.

Federal Court judge denounces spy agency's methods

Federal Court of Canada Judge Richard Mosley has slammed the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Suicide attempt leak sparks controversy

Ann Cavoukian, the province of Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner, has pledged to determine how the personal information of a disabled Toronto woman reached the hands of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Government sets date for new anti-spam legislation

Canada's new anti-spam law, which was passed by Parliament in December 2010, will come into force on July 1.

Advanced technology guards the evidence

A new, cutting-edge forensic evidence center in Toronto is protected by technology as advanced as scientists apply to their work inside its labs.

Supreme Court rules on computer data privacy

Data on a hard drive is not equal to the same material stored in a filing cabinet, according to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Canada's banking regulator schools firms on cyber security

Canada's banking regulator has issued a set of cyber security guidelines for financial institutions, warning that banks must be on the lookout for online fraudsters.

Canadian Liberals introduce spy watchdog bill

Canadian lawmakers are seeking to legislate more oversight of Canada's secretive spy agencies, arguing that citizens don't know enough about what they're doing.

Canadian federal privacy scorecard worst yet, says Commissioner

Canadian government agencies hit an all-time high for privacy complaints and data breaches this year, according to the annual report from the federal Privacy Commissioner.

BlackBerry signs private acquisition deal, realigns business

Canadian mobile company BlackBerry has realigned its business to refocus on enterprise customers after losing almost a billion dollars in a single quarter.

Data breach bill dies as Canadian Parliament prorogues

Two controversial pieces of privacy legislation have been killed after Canada's prime minister prorogued parliament.

Peel Health Program hit with data breach

Ontarian regional municipality Peel admitted this week to losing the personal information of more than 18,000 people in a security breach.

Toronto University grads market heartbeat-based biometrics

Canadian firm Bionym has launched a wearable device offering heartbeat-based biometrics.

Cavoukian proposes privacy-sensitive surveillance

Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian has introduced a policy that she says will allow privacy and counterterrorism surveillance to exist in harmony.

BC servers seized by RCMP

Canada's Royal Canadian mounted police swooped on a data center in the Burnaby, BC area this month, seizing computers that they say may be linked to a $500 million botnet.

Opt-in for porn sites, says member of Canada's Parliament

A federal member of Parliament supports Britain's plan to legislate opt-in permission to view pornographic websites, and said she would like to see a similar program in Canada.

Glass not a privacy threat, Google tells Canada's privacy commissioners

While maintaining that his company's Glass product is still in its developmental stage, Google's global privacy counsel, Peter Fleischer, has assured four of Canada's privacy commissioners that the concerns they and others expressed are unfounded.

New legislation introduced in Nova Scotia to combat cyber bullying

A tragic cyber bullying case has led the province of Nova Scotia to take unprecedented steps—including both criminal and civil action—to interrupt aggressive online activities.

Ontario moving to electronic voting

The Province of Ontario's 8.5 million voters may have the option of casting their ballot online in the coming decade, making it the largest jurisdiction in the world to introduce voting by internet.

Not enough data education within Canada corporations

More than half of C-level executives surveyed in large Canadian companies do not educate employees about data security, storage and destruction.

Canada lures cyber attackers

Canada is becoming increasingly attractive to foreign companies and governments that are looking to establish a virtual base from which to launch cyber attacks.

BlackBerry faces sanctions again in Indonesia

For the second time in four years, BlackBerry faces sanctions from the government of Indonesia, one of the smartphone maker's most important markets.

Canadian government crossed the line in monitoring of activist

The Canadian privacy commissioner has found that the Canadian government overstepped its bounds while researching Canadian aboriginal activist Cindy Blackstock.

Canadian privacy commissioner proposes legal overhaul

Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has called for fundamental reforms to Canada's privacy law that would make companies more accountable for privacy violations.

$20m to fund cyber strategies

Defence Minister Peter MacKay has committed $20 million to fund projects aimed at making Canada safer from cyber attacks.

Report due on business risks from cyber crime

Canadians are about to get their first comprehensive look at the extent of cyber crime on domestic business.

Canadian government gets serious about storage devices

More than 2,000 USB keys were replaced after a hard drive and key went missing.

Canadians savvy on privacy

Privacy concerns are driving Canadians away from smartphone apps and online services.

Bill C-30 falls owing to expense and privacy concerns

After intense opposition from the public, the Canadian government pledged to not introduce additional legislation to monitor online activity.

Critical infrastructure a weak point, says Canadian official

The Canadian government should to make it mandatory for utility companies and others to tighten security, a former official told a security conference.

China-telco partnership fears unwarranted, says Ontario official

The nascent partnership between a Chinese development group and an entrepreneurial hub funded by three levels of Canadian government has raised concerns from an outspoken former security adviser to Nortel Networks.

CRA gets flack for Netfile changes

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has unnerved privacy experts with a change to its electronic tax-filing policy: It has removed several authentication requirements for electronic filers.

Telus snaps up forensics firm

Canadian telecommunications giant Telus is bolstering its security offering with the acquisition of digital security and forensics company Digital Wyzdom.

HRSDC loses 583,000 personal data of Canadians

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), a department of the Government of Canada, was reeling last month after the personal data of 583,000 Canadians was lost on a portable hard drive.

New report urges security and privacy settings in networks

Behind the rallying cry, "Privacy equals freedom," Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian struck a partnership with Oracle to celebrate International Privacy Day: Jan. 28.

Ethical hacking incident brings rewards and expulsion for Canadian college student

A young, Montreal-based computer science student, his former college and the institution's IT provider all found themselves thrust into the media spotlight over the student's stance on ethical hacking.

Canada infrastructure vulnerable to cyber attack, RCMP report

Canada remains vulnerable to cyber attacks by "terrorist groups [which] have expressed interest in developing the capabilities for computer-based attacks against Canada's critical infrastructure."

Personal data of 583K Canadian students at risk after breach

The personal information of about 583,000 former post-secondary students is unaccounted for, as a result of a breach of security at the agency responsible for issuing student loans.

Canadian report on ethical hacking sidestepped

The Canadian government has no plans to follow the recommendations made in a report it commissioned into ethical hacking.

US, Canada announce cross-border action plan

Public Safety Canada and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security launched an action plan last month to back up a February 2011 border security partnership.

Canada throws money at cybersecurity shortcomings

The Canadian government has unlocked $155 million in funding to bolster cyber security, just as the Auditor General issued a negative report.

Canada stays silent on national exemption scope

Canada is not saying whether it will block Chinese firm Huawei from bidding on a secure communications network, after imposing a national security exemption on contract tenders

BC Health Ministry admits to data sharing scandal

The provincial government of British Columbia has fired four employees and suspended three others after allegations that health data was shared inappropriately.

Canadian energy companies under threat from Anonymous, say agencies

Canadian energy companies may be at risk from activist hacker groups, according to documents obtained from the country's national security agencies.

Study: Canada bleeding money on U.S. border security

Border security controls are costing Canada $19.1 billion in lost revenues each year, according to a report released last month.

Has india cracked BlackBerry's code?

India's government claims it has found a way to monitor email sent via BlackBerry, something even manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) claims it can't do.

Canada's spy chief champions internet surveillance

The head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) offered the agency's assistance to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to make the government's controversial internet surveillance bill more palatable.

Federal government erects "cyber perimeter"

The Canadian government enacted a national security exception to bar foreign IT companies from bidding on the construction of its new telecommunications system.

Data stolen from 1,000 Canadian officials

The personal information of 1,000 Canadian government officials was stolen as part of a vast data heist last December, it has been revealed.

Canada suffers from poor cyber security, says memo

Canada's cyber security risks are greater than the government believes, according to internal documents.

Canadian sued for black hole security "research"

A New York law firm is suing a Canadian for alleged federal cyber squatting after he conducted what he claims was research into a "black hole email vulnerability".

Appeals process advised for biometrics visa

An internal report has informed the federal government to put an appeals mechanism in place to cope with imperfect biometric systems.

Anonymous mounts anti-government campaign in Québec

Anonymous has posted the personal information of Canadians online as part of a protest over the treatment of student protesters in Montréal.

Ontario privacy complaints on the rise

Ontario received a record number of privacy complaints last year, according to the province's privacy commissioner.

Government nixes spy agency watchdog

In a budget move last month, the Canadian government axed a watchdog responsible for keeping tabs on its secret spy agency.

Canadian government helping erase DNSChanger infection

A website now is available to help the public check for DNSChanger infection.

Robocall scandal escalates

The investigation into fraudulent robocalls in Canada escalated this month, as Elections Canada said that 7,000 calls had gone out across the country.

Canadian opposition party targeted in botnet attack

A malicious attacker deliberately attempted to interfere with a crucial party leadership vote in Canada last month, according to a company commissioned to run the online voting system used.

Bill C-30 backlash organized by Liberal staffer

A political storm has beset Victor Toews, the public safety minister that backs a controversial lawful access bill in Canada.

Alleged Toronto ATM skimmers charged

Seven Ontario residents have been charged for stealing in a massive ATM skimming operation.

Hacking contest bifurcates in Vancouver spat

Following a disagreement between Google and Tipping Point, this year's CanSecWest conference will play host to two challenges.

Anonymous renders Canadian Nazis not-so-anonymous

Hacktivist online community Anonymous exposed prominent Canadian neo-Nazis last month after hacking into a fascist website.

Cavoukian slams Supreme Court

Ann Cavoukian, Ontario's information and privacy commissioner, slammed the Canadian legal system in her opening speech at a symposium on surveillance and privacy late last month.

SDA, McAfee mark Canada's card

Canada received a mediocre ranking in cyber security, according to a new report ranking countries on their security stance.

Canadian government officials downloading illegal content

Representatives from the Pirate Party of Canada highlighted the irony of Canadian government officials using file-sharing sites to infringe on copyright.

Canadian privacy challenge exposes double standard

Canadian lawyers may have opened a legal can of worms by requesting the public release of heavily censored photographs.

Cyberattacks up 50 percent in 2011

Publicly traded Canadian companies experienced 50 percent more cyberattacks in 2011 than in the previous year, study

Chinese-based hacker attack wanted corporate data

A massive Chinese-based hacker attack on Canadian federal government agencies late in 2010 was aimed at uncovering information about the takeover bid for Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan.


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