Stop unauthorized use of your documents - protect your IPR and revenue streams.

Safeguard PDF Security

  • Protect your PDF documents from unauthorized use and misuse - control who can use them, when, where, and for how long.
  • Stop unauthorized viewing, printing, screenshots, modifying, copying, saving, sharing
  • Control expiry and instantly revoke documents
  • Dynamically watermark documents with user information
  • Log document prints and views

PowerBroker Databases

Enterprise Stronger Privilege Controls for Your Database Estate
The majority of today's data breaches occur through direct, privileged access to the database systems themselves. To effectively mitigate the risk posed by these breaches, while at the same time meeting compliance standards requires a solution that controls the privileged access to these database systems.

PowerBroker for Databases provides a complete database security and compliance solution by addressing the threats posted by over-privileged users. It includes capabilities for the entire credential life cycle including; credential discovery, management, fine-grained privilege delegation, privileged user activity monitoring, closed loop activity reconciliation, and automated compliance reporting.

Spector 360 Recon from SpectorSoft

Balance Employee Privacy and Corporate Security

Introducing Spector 360 Recon, the first insider threat solution designed with employee privacy in mind. Spector 360 Recon conducts reconnaissance on the digital activity occurring within an organization, and provides intelligence on any potential insider threat activity to the right people within the organization - without exposing employee personal activities.

Spector 360 Recon is the only insider threat solution that enables balance between security and privacy. Once deployed, it serves as an intelligence gathering asset and early warning system, constantly watching for the "enemy within." Many organizations do not monitor user activity, or elect to do so only when they are aware of a potential issue, because of privacy concerns. Recon balances security and privacy by keeping the user activity logs in a "black box," to be reviewed only when alerts demonstrate there is cause to do so. For the first time, companies can effectively protect themselves against insider threats without compromising the privacy of employees not engaged in problematic activities.

Who Accessed Your CEO's Mailbox?

Imagine the consequences of an unauthorized access to your CEO's mailbox. Exposure of sensitive financial data, salary information or personal correspondence... scary scenario, isn't it? That's why companies today that are effective at meeting SOX, GLBA and HIPAA compliance standards incorporate non-owner mailbox access auditing as part of their compliance program.

Netwrix Auditor Does what Native Auditing Can't:
• Detects unauthorized and accidental access to mailboxes across the network
• Alerts in real-time on unauthorized access attempts
• Helps maintain compliance to SOX, GLBA, HIPAA and others

Netwrix Auditor automatically detects who accessed other users' mailboxes and reports on what was done and when that happened. Should someone view your emails, appointments or tasks, Netwrix Auditor won't let it go unnoticed. The Mailbox Owner Alerting feature sends real-time notifications to those whose mailboxes are being accessed by other users.

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