Scammers on the hunt for Memorial Day deal watchers

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Scammers on the hunt for Memorial Day deal watchers
Scammers on the hunt for Memorial Day deal watchers

As users unwind to celebrate the unofficial start of summer, scammers are busy trying to take advantage of the unwary with Memorial Day-related spam.

Researchers have already detected phishing campaigns targeting people in search of car deals and a slimmer figure this summer.

Though Memorial Day isn't until Monday, Symantec already has detected a high number of spam messages being sent leading up to the holiday meant to commemorate those who've died in U.S. military service.

Symantec researcher Anand Muralidharan said in a Monday blog post that most of the spam so far has advertised clearance sales for cars and trucks. If users click a link in the emails, they are redirected to sites showing phony deals and which asked them to enter in financial information.

Muralidharan also saw junk mail that led users to sites peddling bogus drugs, including weight loss products, preying on victims penchant to “shed unwanted pounds” this summer.

Scambook, a site where customers can file and search prior complaints, warned users of an expected surge in fraud over the holiday weekend.

The company said military families are an obvious target and, around this time of the year, scammers make phony timeshare and vacation package listings “for veterans only.”

“Advertised online or through unsolicited email, these schemes generally ask for money upfront via wire transfer or prepaid money card,” Scambook said.

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