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SMS scam targets friends and family of 'Sarah'

SMS scam targets friends and family of 'Sarah'


Malwarebytes researchers spotted a SMS scam in the UK targeting parents and adults who know someone by the name Sarah.

Hurricane Sandy could cause big mess in cyber space too


With Hurricane Sandy on a collision course with the Northeast, cyber crooks are likely to take advantage of the historic storm to make a quick buck or steal personal information from the unsuspecting.

Fake FBI scam email making the rounds


A message purportedly sent from the FBI Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division is making its way to inboxes, threatening recipients that they will be arrested if they do not reply back.

Scammers exploiting death of Steve Jobs


Online miscreants took to Facebook about an hour after Apple announced that Jobs died, attempting to earn commission by luring users into clicking on affiliate scam links with the promise of a free iPad.

A taxing business

Sometimes it's useful to look at the nuts and bolts of a scam message to see what it might tell us about other scams.

A tsunami is also a crime wave

Scammers have no compunction about using Japan's misfortunes to augment their own fortunes.

Supporters club

We all know about fake anti-virus, but fake support desk scammers are also making loads of money.

Users should be wary of holiday malware, phishing


As the holiday season continues, users should be on high alert for scams such as malware-laden electronic greeting cards and screensavers, US-CERT has warned. In addition, phishing attacks may be disguised as requests for charitable donations, credit card applications and online shopping advertisements. US-CERT recommends that users avoid opening unexpected email attachments or following untrusted links. When donating to charities, individuals should verify the organization's authenticity with the Better Business Bureau. — AM

Phish claims recipient's tax payment was rejected


A newly discovered phishing scam targeting users of the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), a free tax payment service, is making its way into inboxes, according to researchers at McAfee. The messages, which contain the subject line: "Your EFTPS Tax Payment ID has been rejected," claim that the recipient's tax payment did not go through because of an invalid ID number. The messages direct users to a fake website for additional information. Researchers discovered a set of spoofed websites used in the attack that were created on Sept. 12. Users should disregard such messages, researchers said. — AM

Scammers capitalizing on tax season to spread Zeus


Researchers have discovered a new tax-related spam campaign propagating the data-stealing trojan Zeus.

Haiti quake expected to lead to fraud and spread malware


The Haiti earthquake, believed to have killed tens of thousands, is being leveraged to do even more damage, this time in the form of internet scams.

Environmental rogue traps users with "green" promise


Attackers are leveraging users' desire to "go green" with a new round of fake anti-virus programs.


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