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Document 2013 ebook on Big Data

2013 ebook on Big Data

Big Data is the beneficiary of big hype, but it is now generally accepted that it can create business value by making information more transparent and usable with great frequency.


Harnessing Big Data for protection

By leveraging the terabytes of information and data feeds that too frequently overwhelm organizations' security departments, cyber criminals already have gained entry into many an organization's network, exfiltrating critical data that likely could bring victimized entities to their knees. Many executive leaders still have yet to implement the...

Opinion Big Data and security analytics collide

Big Data and security analytics collide

Big Data will become "The next big thing" - a critical re-evaluation and re-tooling of our analytical abilities. This is not about being able to query more data, but being able to query all data.

Opinion Beyond the hype on Big Data

Beyond the hype on Big Data

Using Big Data for security is the "new hotness," says Holly Ridgeway, SVP and CISO enterprise systems at PNC.

News Big Data experts are in demand

Big Data experts are in demand

As organizations leverage large data-sets to drive business, the legal and ethical lines around privacy are blurred. Addressing privacy and security issues around Big Data is destined to become our industry's greatest challenge.


Debate: Big Data for security analytics is ready for prime time.

In this month's debate, experts discuss the importance of Big Data analytics in the industry today.

News In Big Data report, White House calls for national breach reporting standard

In Big Data report, White House calls for national breach reporting standard

The White House released a report reviewing Big Data and privacy concerns, and a major recommendation was that national data breach legislation be passed.


Big Data - Your secret weapon in the war against cyber crime

Right now, Web attackers are amassing a global arsenal of knowledge and resources that is allowing them to expanding their reach well beyond financial services to virtually every industry, everywhere.


Cybersecurity...Meet Big Data

There are increasing numbers of new or revised regulations and mandates being imposed on organizations around the world that are pushing for the adoption of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies and services.

News IBM CISO: Company boards need big picture threat data

IBM CISO: Company boards need big picture threat data

IBM's global CISO advised security pros on engaging boards of directors about organizational threats.


Mobile and cloud: The Big Data security conundrum

Back when mainframes ruled the corporate computing environment it was far easier to manage critical data. After all, most folks used "dumb" terminals. However, distributed computing quickly made its way into the enterprise, so now, computers with more storage power than ever have become commonplace. Data, as a...


RSA 2014: Sharing data key to beating APTs

Collaborative sharing of security data across enterprises, countries and industry sectors in a single big data store will be the future of protecting against advanced persistent threats, RSA delegates were told today.

Product Review Risk Analytics as a Service v4.1.0

Risk Analytics as a Service v4.1.0

Brinqa Risk Analytics is an IT risk management and vulnerability risk management platform that provides a consolidated view of an organization’s risk factors. Handles Big Data very well, reporting, dashboarding and analytics.

Slideshow Weekend news review: June 9-13

Weekend news review: June 9-13

This week's prominent news includes the arrest of an infamous hacker, small businesses being hit by new point-of-sale malware, and a big restaurant chain launching an investigation into a possible data breach involving customer credit cards. For more deeper look at these news bits, click here to...

Slideshow Weekend news review: August 18-22

Weekend news review: August 18-22

The big news this week was Community Health Systems' massive breach of more than four millions patients' data. In the meantime, however, a Chinese national was arrested and The Associated Press was denied a request for information. For a closer look at these articles, click here to...

Opinion Appreciate your log data

Appreciate your log data

By mining log data and managing it proactively - instead of ignoring it until something goes wrong - organizations can mitigate risk, ensure service availability and promote operational efficiency.

Opinion Data archiving benefits

Data archiving benefits

Many CIOs are still unsure what role governance should play in their data archiving strategy.

Opinion Horse trading 2.0: Information is a valued commodity

Horse trading 2.0: Information is a valued commodity

The power of information as a commodity only continues to deepen as it satisfies so many disparate needs and wants.


Happy Hour Hot Links: Week of 8/5

This week's hot links discuss some of the action taking place last week at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, as well as a lesson learned by a victim of iPhone theft and the possible thief.


Malware used to compromise payment cards at Wendy's restaurant in Michigan

Customers who paid with credit and debit cards at a Wendy's in Michigan may have had their payment card compromised if they used it at the restaurant for about a month prior to July 15.

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