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Opinion The problem with Big Data

The problem with Big Data

Big Data just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. It's almost like Moore's Law. has a domino effect.

Document 2014 Big Data ebook

2014 Big Data ebook

In this new ebook we speak with a range of experts to glean their insights on the technologies and strategies they are putting in place to guard their treasure troves and prevent both insider incidents and attacks from the outside.


Leveraging big data governance

Managing the vast volumes of data -- both customer and corporate -- on which most organizations depend for their day-to-day operations and long-term growth of their businesses always has been challenging.

Opinion Information privacy and Big Data

Information privacy and Big Data

Enterprises are finding new ways to solve problems and extract value from data.


How to help remove the big risks from big data

Although the IBM z Systems platform is known for scalability and security, you still have to monitor who did what, when, why, where and how to ensure that information stays protected.

Blog Post From Big Data to smart data for security analytics

From Big Data to smart data for security analytics

Real security analytics demands a practitioner who has direct field knowledge of computer security, proving once again that human talent is indispensable. Problem is, human talent doesn't scale.


IBM leverages Big Data in $325M DOE deal

The funding will support the development of two new supercomputers.


Big Data - Your secret weapon in the war against cyber crime

Right now, Web attackers are amassing a global arsenal of knowledge and resources that is allowing them to expanding their reach well beyond financial services to virtually every industry, everywhere.

Feature Go big or go home

Go big or go home

Big Data is altering the way organizations must manage their overall IT assets and resources, reports Karen Epper Hoffman.

Opinion CISO: same title, new opportunities

CISO: same title, new opportunities

Despite big responsibilities compounded by a string of headline-grabbing data breaches, the skies are looking brighter for CISOs.

Slideshow Weekend news review: August 18-22

Weekend news review: August 18-22

The big news this week was Community Health Systems' massive breach of more than four millions patients' data. In the meantime, however, a Chinese national was arrested and The Associated Press was denied a request for information. For a closer look at these articles, click here to...


Is online privacy dead?

In this video, Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch in the U.K., discusses the state of online privacy at the SC Congress event in London.

Blog Post

Big Fish Games notifies customers of payment card breach

Big Fish Games is notifying an undisclosed number of customers that malware was installed on the billing and payment pages of its websites.


Malware used to compromise payment cards at Wendy's restaurant in Michigan

Customers who paid with credit and debit cards at a Wendy's in Michigan may have had their payment card compromised if they used it at the restaurant for about a month prior to July 15.

Blog Post How effective is cloud-provided encryption?

How effective is cloud-provided encryption?

As concerns continue to mount over cybersecurity issues more cloud service providers are stepping up to the plate with beefed-up encryption offerings to assuage their customers' concerns.


HP bolsters encryption business with Voltage Security acquisition

HP is expected to integrate Voltage's technology into HP Atalla, the company's encryption business.


Progress on national breach notification law may stall

A bill, which would require a national reporting standard, has failed to make it before the Senate or House this year.

Blog Post Cloud security: An oxymoron?

Cloud security: An oxymoron?


Apple Pay and wearable technology could pose next threats, experts say

Experts at SC Congress New York discussed the future of threats during the "Tomorrow's Threats" panel.

News Morgan Stanley employee fired for stealing data on 350K clients, reports say

Morgan Stanley employee fired for stealing data on 350K clients, reports say

Morgan Stanley discovered account names, numbers and transaction data for more than 900 clients posted on the internet, according to reports.

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