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Russia prosecutes suspected BlackHole author and 12 cohorts

"Paunch," the believed author of the BlackHole exploit kit, is currently being prosecuted, Russian authorities say.


Criminals move quickly to other exploit kits after arrest of BlackHole author

Reveton ransomware has already moved from BlackHole, and is being distributed through exploits in the WhiteHole kit.


New BlackHole email campaign found

Spam campaigns are sending out spurious emails purported to be from Facebook, LinkedIn, American Airlines and financial institutions, McAfee researchers found.


Group leveraging Cutwail spam botnet opts for "Magnitude" over BlackHole exploit kit

Cutwail, the world's largest spam botnet, is often used to distribute financial malware like Gameover Zeus.


Kate and William's baby presents royal opportunity for spammers

According to security firms Websense and Kaspersky Lab, online vandals wasted little time in capitalizing on the occasion by spreading malicious spam.


Malicious ads infect thousands of Yahoo site visitors per hour

Victims were redirected to sites hosting the Magnitude exploit kit, which installs malware on computers running vulnerable Java software.


Surge in "BlackShades" infections exposes machines worldwide to RAT

Over the last two months, attackers have opted to spread the malware via the Neutrino exploit kit, researchers found.

News News briefs: Adobe's big breach, NISTS' new framework, and more

News briefs: Adobe's big breach, NISTS' new framework, and more

Adobe breach affects 38 million, UK man indicted for hack of U.S. Army network, NIST debuts new cyber security framework, and other news.


Threats from the web becoming more prevalent than network worms

Client-side, web-based threats are beginning to overtake malware mainstays such as Conficker, according to a Microsoft report.


Boston Marathon blasts breed malware ruses, surge in dubious websites

As expected, the web's unscrupulous element is taking advantage of the attention surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings to spread malware and trick people into donating to fake causes.

Feature Botnets 3.0: Global malware

Botnets 3.0: Global malware

Thanks to willing accomplices and easy-to-use technology, the threat from linked computers is expanding, reports Karen Epper Hoffman.

Opinion How to avoid the Spamhaus' blacklist to maintain email deliverability

How to avoid the Spamhaus' blacklist to maintain email deliverability

Spamhaus seems to be shrouded in mystery, and rightly so. There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the service. But, there's one thing I'd like to clear up. Hint: It's all about the approval.

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