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News Microsoft plans upgrade to SHA-2 crypto hash for issuing certs

Microsoft plans upgrade to SHA-2 crypto hash for issuing certs

Starting in 2016, the tech giant will require certificate authorities (CAs) to migrate from SHA-1 to the stronger SHA-2 cryptographic hash function when issuing X.509 certs.


Maker of Opera browser said its network was hacked to steal code-signing certificate

The intruders used the certificate to sign malware that appeared to be a legitimate update for Opera. A few thousand people may have been infected.


TrustyCon: Malware expert Mikko Hypponen kicks off conference on "trust"

In light of the RSA-NSA controversy, a number of speakers, who originally planned to speak at RSA Conference 2014, pulled out and formed a lineup for TrustyCon.


Travnet trojan compresses files to send more info to data thieves

The Travnet botnet uploads Microsoft Office files, PDFs and text files to remote servers run by attackers.


Espionage group that planted malware at New York Times is back

According to FireEye, China-based espionage group "APT12" has infiltrated the networks of several organizations, as recently as June, with new malware variants that are difficult to detect.

Feature Blame game: Cyber espionage

Blame game: Cyber espionage

Nation-states are extricating intellectual property from U.S. government entities and private corporations, reports David Cotriss.

Review Welcome to the Innovators section and happy holidays

Welcome to the Innovators section and happy holidays

In the spirit of keeping up with advancements in information security, we take the December issue to examine those companies that will likely generate advancements.

Feature Advanced malware: The growing cyber menace

Advanced malware: The growing cyber menace

After a quiet year on the advanced malware front, we could soon see more activity, says the Atlantic Council's Jason Healey. Karen Epper Hoffman reports.

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