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News Microsoft plans upgrade to SHA-2 crypto hash for issuing certs

Microsoft plans upgrade to SHA-2 crypto hash for issuing certs

Starting in 2016, the tech giant will require certificate authorities (CAs) to migrate from SHA-1 to the stronger SHA-2 cryptographic hash function when issuing X.509 certs.


Google pays $1 million fine for Street View privacy violations

Google paid more than $1 million to Italy after a regulator found the company's Street View cars violated citizens' privacy by taking photos without their knowledge and permission.


FireEye acquires Mandiant in $1 billion deal

The major acquisition by the Silicon Valley-based security firm FireEye was announced on Thursday.

Product Review Tufin Security Suite R 13-1

Tufin Security Suite R 13-1

Tufin Security Suite is back again this year and, just as in years past, it has some great new features onboard.


Happy Hour Hot Links: Week of 7/1

A special July 4 weekend installment of the links has us thinking about infosec conferences, cross-site tracing (say what?) and a popular guy known as Edward Snowden.


Attacker obtains credentials of nearly 100K users of Cerberus app

An attacker was able to gain unauthorized access to credentials for nearly 100,000 users of Android anti-theft app Cerberus.


Card skimming device found on NYC subway station machine

The device was found attached to a MetroCard machine at the Columbus Circle 1 train station.

Blog Post

Thanks for the memories

Today marks my final day at SC Magazine after more than 7-1/2 years.


IBM acquires Israeli-based Trusteer for its malware and fraud prevention technology

The deal to purchase Trusteer is rumored to be near $1 billion.


Escrow firm sues bank after $1.5M loss

A defunct escrow firm is suing its former bank after losing more than $1 million to cyber criminals this past August.


Black Hat: Crackable algorithms prompt need for improved password hashing

Researchers discussed the dilemma impacting compromised companies, and users who've had their ill-protected passwords exposed.


Kickstarter breached, CEO warns encrypted passwords can be cracked

In the wake of a data breach announced on Saturday, popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is urging all users to change their passwords, even though the company uses encryption.


California lawmakers to propose mandatory "kill switch" installation

The new security implementation would be mandatory by Jan. 1, 2015. All phones sold in California after that date would have to have a kill switch installed.


2 minutes on: Swatting the "swatters"

A recent wave of a vicious prank known as "swatting," in which mischief-makers call 9-1-1 and use special equipment to make it appear as if their phone number is coming from the home of the person they are targeting, is generating nationwide attention.


The website is ripe for attackers, experts say

It has been slow, buggy and downed since it launched on Oct. 1. Now security professionals explore just how vulnerable the website really is to attackers.

News In LinkedIn breach suit, judge denies company's motion to dismiss

In LinkedIn breach suit, judge denies company's motion to dismiss

A plaintiff says she would have viewed her premium LinkedIn subscription as "less valuable" had the company disclosed "lax security practices," before its 2012 password breach.


More than a million Android devices infected with bootkit trojan

More than a million Android mobile devices worldwide are now infected with a crafty bootkit trojan known as Android.Oldboot.1.origin - a number that has more than tripled in a week.


Government sets date for new anti-spam legislation

Canada's new anti-spam law, which was passed by Parliament in December 2010, will come into force on July 1.


Debate: DefCon organizers should have discouraged feds from attending last month's event.

A number of experts weighed in on this month's debate concerning a statement from DefCon founder Jeff Moss that feds should stay away from DefCon.


FireEye's shares jump following Mandiant deal

FireEye's shares rose by more than 30 percent on Friday following its purchase of Mandiant.

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