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Data-wiping Shamoon targeting Middle East energy sector

Shamoon, malware that overwrites files to the point of making computers unusable, has been described as a targeted, yet damaging threat.


News briefs: Latest security news

Last month's featured news from Shamoon attacking oil companies to Wyndham Hotels challenging the FTC.


Natural gas giant RasGas targeted in cyber attack

A virus has reportedly shut down the energy company's website and email servers, giving rise to questions of whether the Shamoon virus is to blame.


Saudi oil company back online after cyber sabotage attempt

Oil company Saudi Aramco has yet to confirm whether a virus, which struck 30,000 of its workstations, is Shamoon -- malware said to be targeting the Middle East energy sector.

Opinion Making sense of Middle East-targeted malware

Making sense of Middle East-targeted malware

Stuxnet kicked things off, and since then, there's been an explosion in sophisticated viruses targeting businesses and critical infrastructure in the Gulf region. But, prevention is still an option.


Narilam virus targets Middle East, but isn't like others

While the malware has targeted businesses in the Middle East and has capabilities reminiscent of other nation-state-backed malware, researchers believe Narilam is less of a threat than such viruses as Flame and Duqu.


Link spotted between Wiper virus and Stuxnet, Duqu

The Wiper virus has left few clues for researchers to study, but there may be similarities between it and other malware targeting systems in the Middle East.


Mobile threats predicted top concern for 2013

McAfee's "2013 Threats Predictions" report also said that hacktivist group Anonymous would decline in success and visibility, with more extremist groups carrying the torch.


Malware once used exclusively for bank fraud is finding a new mission

Cyber criminals are repurposing data-stealing trojans, once used primarily to steal banking information, to collect intellectual property, which can be sold for a higher price tag, according to a McAfee study.


South Korean corporations hit by widespread attack that wiped data and shut down systems

Researchers at Symantec believe a trojan called "Jokra" was used in the attacks. Neighboring North Korea is considered a suspect, but there's no evidence suggesting it is to blame.

Opinion Is the era of anti-virus over?

Is the era of anti-virus over?

It's true: There are certain attacks that no security technology will be able to stop. But the situation isn't entirely hopeless. How organizations respond to an active threat can make all the difference in the world.

Feature Waking the sleeping giant: Critical infrastructure

Waking the sleeping giant: Critical infrastructure

For the last several years, security experts have been stressing the vulnerability of industrial control systems. Now, with attacks like Stuxnet proof of the risk, the big question is: How will industry respond?

Feature Battle lines drawn: Nation-state threats

Battle lines drawn: Nation-state threats

The United States has established itself as a major force in a new era of combat, but what repercussions do state-sponsored actions in cyber space have on all of us?

Feature Losing control: Critical infrastructure

Losing control: Critical infrastructure

Industrial control systems remain troublingly vulnerable to both internal error and outside intruders, reports Danielle Walker.

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