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Product Review Sunbelt Software Network Security Inspector

Sunbelt Software Network Security Inspector

The Network Security Inspector from Sunbelt Software is a network vulnerability scanner using a database of over 4,000 ranked multiplatform vulnerabilities.

Product Review Sunbelt Software Ninja Email Security

Sunbelt Software Ninja Email Security

This product takes an all-in-one security approach with features such as anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-virus, attachment filtering, disclaimers and content filtering.

Product Review Sunbelt Software VIPRE Enterprise v3.1

Sunbelt Software VIPRE Enterprise v3.1

An anti-virus and anti-spyware product that is managed from a central console.


GFI buys Sunbelt Software for its anti-malware offering

GFI Software, a security provider that caters to small and midsize businesses, announced Tuesday that it has acquired anti-virus company Sunbelt Software.

Product Review

iHateSpam for Exchange

This product from Sunbelt Software sells itself on being uniquely developed to be both user- and admin-friendly, which is quite a claim. It also says it is the best-selling anti-spam product for Microsoft Exchange environments, with over 4,500 enterprise installations. Judging from what we saw, it is easy...

Product Review

Sunbelt Network Security Inspector

This is a vulnerability scanner for Microsoft operating systems and applications.

Product Review

CounterSpy Enterprise

Product Review


This is one for the serious business with a need for high availability and disaster recovery in its overall plan. The capability not only to replicate files but also only the part that has changed, is just one of Double-Take's virtues.

Product Review

iHateSpam for Exchange

Once installed and running, iHateSpam for Exchange performed quite well, but the installation got off to a rocky start.<

Web Sept. 10, 2007: What does the Bank of India attack mean for financial institutions?

Sept. 10, 2007: What does the Bank of India attack mean for financial institutions?

West Coast Bureau Chief Jim Carr talks with Sunbelt Software CEO Alex Eckelberry about how corporations can protect themselves - and their customers - from attacks similar to the one that used the Bank of India website to spread malware.


Identity theft operation unearthed

Sunbelt Software researchers say they have uncovered what appears to be a massive online identity theft ring, which is under investigation by the FBI.


Western Union spam downloads keylogger

Spam emails, purporting to deliver a money-transfer notification from Western Union but containing an attachment with an executable trojan, have been spotted in the wild by researchers at Sunbelt Software.


Trojan kit found

Security teams from anti-spyware vendor Sunbelt Software have discovered a website application instructing hackers on how to build trojans designed to steal personal information.


New zero-day exploits for Internet Explorer in the wild

As IT administrators grapple with the unpatched vector markup language (VML) vulnerability, a team of security experts at Sunbelt Software today reported a new zero-day exploit affecting Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and requiring no user initiation.

Blog Post

A sad story to report

Some somber news to report in the information security community.

Sunbelt Software points us to this sad account of Webroot co-founder Steven Thomas....


Attackers use search-engine optimization to hijack prominent terms

Cyberattackers have hijacked thousands of search terms on Google, leading end-users to unexpected malware installations.


Allied Bakeries opts for Double-Take

Allied Bakeries, manufacturer of breads such as Kingsmill and Sunblest, has purchased a data replication product that supports disaster recovery and business continuity.


Spammers bypass filters with SWF file redirects

Spammers are stepping up their use of Shockwave Flash file redirects to avoid detection.


Microsoft's April patch redux

Microsoft on Tuesday released an updated version of an April patch that was clashing with third-party software.


Media Motor creator settles spyware charges with FTC

ERG Ventures LLC, the organization behind the Media Motor spyware program, has agreed to settle charges with the federal government for $330,000.

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