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Product Review

Spy Sweeper

More of the general public are becoming aware of spyware. Up until now, very little was known of this awful, creeping plague outside of security circles. 


Webroot: 40 percent of companies report disruptions due to malware

More than 40 percent of companies worldwide reported malware-related business disruptions, Webroot Software researchers reported this week.


Best Anti-malware

Overall Category Winner and Winner for Best Anti-Spyware: Webroot Software-Spy Sweeper Enterprise 2.5


Number of web sites with spyware grows

The number of web sites that install spyware is growing, according to a report released Tuesday by Webroot Software.


Eschelbeck new Webroot CTO

Gerhard Eschelbeck, most recently the chief technology officer and vice president of engineering of Qualys, has accepted a similar position at Webroot Software.

Events Richard Stiennon, founder, IT-Harvest

Richard Stiennon, founder, IT-Harvest

Richard Stiennon is founder of IT-Harvest, an independent analyst firm. He was chief marketing officer for Fortinet, and prior to that he was vice president of threat research at Webroot Software. Before Webroot, Mr. Stiennon was vice president of research at Gartner, where he covered security topics...


Webroot acquires U.K.-based SaaS vendor Email Systems

Webroot Software, best known for its Spy Sweeper anti-spyware product, is moving into the software as a service (SaaS) market via the acquisition of U.K.-based Email Systems.


Briefs - Industry round-up

Sophos has formed a technology partnership with anti-spyware software vendor Webroot. The deal is being pitched as an attempt to provide a "heightened level of protection against some of the most serious internet security threats". The new series of Webroot software will combine Sophos's anti-virus technology...

Blog Post

A sad story to report

Some somber news to report in the information security community.

Sunbelt Software points us to this sad account of Webroot co-founder Steven Thomas....


Spyware - a billion dollar industry

The spyware industry has amassed $2 billion from installing unwanted software on computers.


Anti-spyware consortium falls apart

The three founding members of the Consortium of Anti-Spyware Technology vendors (COAST) have dropped out of the group, effectively disbanding the effort.


Webroot: Scammers spoofing presidential campaign websites

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Ron Paul might not be leading in the latest New Hampshire primary or Iowa caucus polls, but they are the first to have their campaign websites copied in URL-spoofing attacks.


Spyware cost firms $62B in 2005

An alarming rise in the number of corporate data breaches, combined with a climbing sophistication of spyware threats and distribution methods, made 2005 the "biggest year yet for spyware," new research has claimed.


US enterprises leave themselves open to spyware threat

The vast majority of US enterprises are leaving their networks open to the fast-growing threat of spyware, a newly published study has claimed.


Cybercrime expected to ramp up during holiday season

Security vendors have warned of an increase in cybercrime during the holiday season.


Spyware stages ‘significant counterattack'

Spyware made a significant comeback during the first quarter of 2006, new threat-monitoring research has revealed.


One-third of PCs infected by spyware

One third of PCs could be infected by spyware.


Former spyware company settles with FTC for $2 million

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced today that Enternet Media has agreed to pay more than $2 million to settle with the agency for spyware charges.


Researchers uncover first active BIOS rootkit attack

While any rootkit that targets the BIOS of a computer is a scary proposition, users should rest easy that the threat -- as it stands now -- won't impact many people.


Webroot: Windows Vista is more secure, but not secure enough

Windows Vista may be hailed as Microsoft's most secure operating system to date, but the platform contains weaknesses in its default anti-malware capabilities, one security vendor has concluded.

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