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SEA denies reported FBI claim that hacktivists were phishing

The FBI reportedly sent out warning notices on Christmas Eve that the Syrian Electronic Army was phishing for usernames and passwords, which the group denied on Twitter.

News Hacktivists take claim for defacement of Marines site

Hacktivists take claim for defacement of Marines site

The Syrian Electronic Army apparently pulled off the defacement to encourage American troops to stay out of the conflict in Syria.


Obama social media links, not accounts, compromised by SEA

On Monday, links posted on President Obama's Twitter and Facebook accounts may have redirected visitors to YouTube videos hosted by the band of pro-Assad hacktivists known as the Syrian Electronic Army.

Opinion Five highly unofficial IT security predictions for 2014

Five highly unofficial IT security predictions for 2014

While year-end security predictions generally fail at accurately predicting much that wasn't an already a foregone conclusion, they're really more about we know right now, and there is value in that.


Compromised websites possibly the result of DNS redirection attack

A hacker group calling itself Kdms Team, claiming to hail from Palestine, took credit on Twitter for several recent attacks against websites.


Malware identified in attack against Israeli organizations

An advanced remote access trojan known as Xtreme RAT has been identified by Seculert Research Lab as the malware used in an attack on Israeli organizations that impacted 15 machines.


UK's Ministry of Justice website knocked offline by DDoS attack

The website of the UK's Ministry of Justice was taken offline for several hours as a result of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on Wednesday.


Image of couple kissing is actually a Mac trojan

A new trojan installs a permanent backdoor on Apple computers and allows attackers to steal data and take over the machine.

News Locking your website

Locking your website

Recent attacks on a number of major websites were traced back to one source: Melbourne IT, an Australian domain name registrar.

Opinion The DDNS dagger

The DDNS dagger

It turns out that using a DDNS service is the easiest and most pervasive method for creating sustainable command-and-control domains.


Philippine branch of Anonymous hacks Chinese govt sites

Close to 200 Chinese government websites have been defaced by a Philippine branch of the hacktivist collective Anonymous.


Syrian Electronic Army compromises more Microsoft accounts

On Saturday, roughly one week after compromising accounts belonging to Skype, the Syrian Electronic Army took claim for compromising the official blog of Microsoft, as well as one of its Twitter accounts.


Teen posed as Anonymous, arrested for major DDoS attacks in Norway

A 17-year-old in Norway was arrested and charged with launching distributed denial-of-service attacks against banks and other companies in the country.


Hackers compromise NBC reporter's laptops, smartphone in Russia

An NBC News reporter set up two laptops and a smartphone in Russia to demonstrate Olympics cyber threats.


Anonymous DDoS attack snowballs, affects several Microsoft services

Hacktivist collective Anonymous has taken credit for a distributed denial-of-service attack that unintentionally affected a number of Microsoft services last week.


SEA compromises Skype, Microsoft reports user information is safe

The Syrian Electronic Army compromised the Twitter account belonging to Skype, which the pro-Assad hacktivist group used on Wednesday to advise people against using Microsoft services, such as Hotmail and Outlook.

News Taboola hack allows SEA to redirect Reuters site visitors

Taboola hack allows SEA to redirect Reuters site visitors

On Monday, ad network Taboola confirmed that it was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.


Watering hole attacks are becoming increasingly popular, says study

Fans of spear phishing have begun shifting to watering holes, which is when an attacker targets the computers of visitors to compromised websites.

News Report: 76 percent of targeted Q1 attacks were aimed at government orgs

Report: 76 percent of targeted Q1 attacks were aimed at government orgs

According to Trend Micro, the public sector has remained a top target of cybercrime.


Lawmakers demand answers from DOJ on Swartz's harsh prosecution

A year after his suicide, eight lawmakers have tapped the Department of Justice about unanswered questions regarding Aaron Swartz's "aggressive prosecution."

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