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No end in sight for massive Windows worm outbreak

The Downadup worm is the biggest corporate virus outbreak since Nimda, having infected some six million machines this week.


Mass email worm found spreading

Never mind the advanced persistent threat. A new mass-mailing worm that may conjure up images of Nimda and Code Red appears to be threatening email infrastructures.


The Next Virus

Various iterations of the Nimda virus have slowed its propagation around the world after causing havoc on resource-constrained IT organizations.


Darknets provide globally scoped analysis

The internet has come under a sustained and significant threat from network malware, especially since the emergence of the global Windows network worm in 2001 with Code Red and Nimda. Prior to this, most network worms were on a small, localized scale.


Vulnerability-to-worm cycle shortens to 10 days

The vulnerability-to-worm cycle has shortened from 288 days in 1999 to 10 days this year, Foundstone analysts said in a report released earlier this week.


Downadup worm infection rate may have peaked

The spread of the pervasive Downadup worm appears to have reached its peak, but removal remains a concern.


After the 'Space Odyssey'

Now that we're beyond the year Space Odyssey popularized, preparations to improve the security of IT systems would be lax if the tons of infosecurity lessons of 2001 were overlooked.


Expect the Unexpected

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since the Code Red worm was making its way across the globe.


A brief history of internet security

The first decade of the 21st Century saw malicious Internet activity turn into a major criminal enterprise aimed at monetary gain. Here's how we got here.

Blog Post

Out-of-cycle fix underscores fundamental change in Microsoft patching process

It wasn't too long ago that Microsoft bore constant criticism for its lack of transparency regarding security vulnerabilities and subsequent fixes.

One cannot objectively...


Defenses for the ‘click and hack’ age

Malicious attacks are evolving and, as Robert Clyde discovers, defenses to these attacks should evolve too


The Threat of Internet Worms

2001 was without any doubt the year of vulnerabilities.


Hackers resort to guerrilla tactics

Hackers are more likely to make regular, small-scale attacks on networks instead of trying to cause complete system shutdown, according to new research.


Microsoft fixes eight vulnerabilities on second April Patch Tuesday

Microsoft today delivered a motley assortment of patches, offering fixes for eight server- and client-side vulnerabilities that could lead to attackers executing remote code.


Cooperation More Important Than Competition

The term ‘blended threats’ has become synonymous with viruses in the last year.


Secure Computing - Blended Viruses: A New Era in Anti-Virus Protection

We live in a new era of blended threats, worm viruses and a host of new breeds of malicious mobile code that are more dangerous than ever.


Application-Level Defense: The Email Battlefield

The security wars continue.


Changing the Game

The internet age has heralded unprecedented opportunities.


Cutting down the noise

Villain or angel? Ryon Packer explains how your network intrusion detection system could become the latter.


The case for intrusion prevention

There have been many cases reported in both trade and national press recently about the increasing threat of cyber attacks, and the methodology employed to exploit vulnerabilities in security implementations. Despite this increased emphasis on the reality of the threat, many organisations are ignoring the advances in security products and...

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