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Judge tosses Zango lawsuit against Kaspersky

Much maligned online media company Zango suffered its second court defeat in a week when a Washington state district judge threw out a lawsuit alleging that software from a leading anti-virus provider illegally blocked Zango programs.

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Is Zango getting a bum rap?

It's easy to get on Zango, considering all of their run-ins with the Federal Trade Commission and other parties that were not too happy with...


Harvard professor accuses Zango of more deception

Zango is trying remove its stigma as an adware purveyor, but a noted spyware researcher said the content provider is again getting itself into hot water.


Accused adware distributor Zango drops lawsuit against PC Tools

Online media company and accused adware distributor Zango said Tuesday it will drop its case against PC Tools after alleging the anti-spyware provider unfairly blocked Zango software.


Appellate court affirms that Zango can't sue Kaspersky

An appeals court has upheld a ruling that Kaspersky Lab did nothing wrong when it blocked users' access to Zango programs.


Zango fires back at Fortinet over adware accusations

The top executive for much maligned online ad firm Zango returned fire today against Fortinet, six days after the security vendor posted an advisory implying Zango was responsible for a malicious widget on Facebook.


Zango to pay FTC $3 million for adware downloads

Zango, an online advertising company, is to pay $3 million for "unfairly and deceptively" downloading adware onto people's computers.


Tech coalition asks judge to toss out Zango appeal

Security companies should pay close attention to how an appeals court rules in the case of accused adware maker Zango versus anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab.


180Solutions, Hotbar merge into Zango

Two controversial companies, both accused of helping to disseminate adware, announced a merger this week.


Accused adware purveyor Zango shuttered by bank foreclosure

A principal player in the spreading of adware -- software that silently loads advertising onto web users' computers -- has been forced to close down after a decade in business.


Malicious 'MySpace pages' install adware through fake You Tube video

Multiple user pages on MySpace contain spoofed videos that appear to be from You Tube but are embedded with an installer for the Zango Cash Toolbar, researchers warned this week.


Adware targets Myspace users

Users of the popular social networking website were warned against downloading videos from friends after it was revealed that the videos led to adware being installed on computers.


Researcher: Facebook widget leads to adware install

Researchers at Fortinet have discovered what they believe to be the first malicious widget to appear on the popular social networking site Facebook.

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The latest IT security news.


180Solutions backs out of Zone Labs lawsuit

Online advertising software firm 180Solutions has voluntarily dismissed a lawsuit filed last November against the internet security company Zone Labs.


"Chain of Trust" initiative launched to fight malware

A group of cybersecurity advocacy organizations have teamed up to fight malware on the web.


New AIM worm hides adware sting in its tail

Researchers have discovered a previously undocumented instant messaging (IM) worm that targets AOL's AIM applications. The recently discovered worm is coded to exploit PC hosts infected with lockx.exe or palsp.exe. It uses IRC enabled malware to connect the host to a server for further infection through a series of commands.


Consumer groups take on fake music search site

Two anti-spyware watchdogs are set to send a complaint to federal regulators today about a malicious software website posing as a music download store.


AOL Instant Messenger worm harbinger of worse malware to come

Security experts have warned that a new generation of hybrid malware is being developed that targets Instant Messenger (IM) networks to propagate.


Researchers say Sears site uses ComScore to track browsing

Two leading spyware researchers have warned visitors to Sears Holdings' My SHC Community that they risk intrusive third-party tracking if they download marketing software on the site.

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