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WatchGuard T30-W and WatchGuard Dimension

VENDOR: WatchGuard

WHAT: The T30-W is a UTM for small- to medium-sized organizations. Used with Dimension it provides most of the functionality needed for today’s threatscape.

PRICE: $1,075.


McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

VENDOR: Intel Security

WHAT: Probably the most comprehensive and powerful SIEM we’ve seen, continuing the legacy of the old Nitro product up to the present time.

PRICE: Starts at $39,995 for the VM software version or $47,994 for the hardware version.


LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform

VENDOR: LogRhythm

WHAT: Probably the most complete pure-play SIEM we’ve seen with the added benefit of many next-gen features and superlative correlation and analytics.

PRICE: $32,000, plus 20 percent for annual maintenance.


EventTracker Security Center

VENDOR: EventTracker

WHAT: Excellent value and wide-ranging capabilities perhaps unexpected in such a modestly priced package.

PRICE: Starts from $5,795 to $12,995.


CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server

VENDOR: CorreLog

WHAT: Excellent price point for a very flexible SIEM/log correlator with lots of features.

PRICE: $5,000, software only.


Unified Security Management Platform

VENDOR: AlienVault

WHAT: Significant, mature next-generation blend of SIEM and UTM capabilities at a very reasonable price. Outstanding customer relationship building.

PRICE: $5,050 for the virtual appliance.


Orchestration Suite


WHAT: Tufin Orchestration Suite is a tool that decidedly is on the technical side of GRC management.

PRICE: Starts at $33,150 with appliance and standard.


TrustedAgent GRC

VENDOR: Trusted Integration

WHAT: TrustedAgent GRC describes itself as a “boutique solution for the highly-regulated commercial enterprises and federal government organizations.” It is risk-focused and decidedly a traditional GRC approach.

PRICE: Cloud-based subscription starts at $5,290 first year for up to three users and $11,500 for on-premise software, unlimited users.


Tripwire, Inc.

Tripwire Enterprise

VENDOR: Tripwire

WHAT: Tripwire Enterprise is a security configuration and change management tool.

PRICE: Starts at $599 plus devices monitored, which can add from $19 to $895 depending on the type and quantity of devices being monitored.


Network Configuration Manager

VENDOR: SolarWinds

WHAT: The Network Configuration Manager takes everything that SolarWinds does well and wraps it in a cloak of GRC functionality.

PRICE: Basic: $2,845.


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