Security Research

Report: Federal cybersecurity plan facing barriers


Federal agencies have overlapping and uncoordinated responsibilities for cybersecurity, according to a report released on Friday from the Government Accountability Office.

RSA Conference: White House declassifies U.S. cybersecurity initiative details


Howard Schmidt, the newly appointed White House cybersecurity coordinator, unveiled details on a Bush-era program to help secure the United States in cyberspace.

House subcommittee passes cybersecurity R&D bill


The Cybersecurity Research and Development Amendments Act of 2009 would require federal agencies to develop cybersecurity research-and-development plans, as well as authorize grant funding and establish a scholarship program.

Small businesses largely not PCI compliant


Though 83 percent of small businesses are familiar with the PCI DSS, just 62 are compliant, according to a recent survey.

Researchers simulate a botnet of 1 million zombies


Computer scientists working for the U.S. Department of Energy announced this week that they have been able to create a simulated botnet consisting of more than one million machines.

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