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Cyber Monday scam emails hit inboxes


Spammers have begun trying to capitalize on the Cyber Monday buying frenzy.

Cyber Monday to bring increase in online threats


Cyber Monday, the digital equivalent of the brick-and-mortar world's Black Friday, is one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, and typically marks the beginning of a month-long period of increased online threats.

Scammers exploiting death of Steve Jobs


Online miscreants took to Facebook about an hour after Apple announced that Jobs died, attempting to earn commission by luring users into clicking on affiliate scam links with the promise of a free iPad.

Osama bin Laden killing prompts malware, Facebook scams


The website belonging to a man in Pakistan who unknowingly live tweeted the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound was found to be infected with malware.

Google acquires Zynamics for software analysis


Google has acquired Germany-based Zynamics, maker of software analysis and reverse engineering tools. Terms of the deal, announced Tuesday, were not disclosed. Google will leverage Zynamics solutions to better protect users against malware. "We provide solutions that aim at helping the software analyst to understand the complex relations that exist in modern software and to boost his productivity," according to Zynamics, whose CEO is noted researcher Thomas Dullien, better known by his handle of Halvar Flake. - DK

Valentine's Day-themed spam already rampant


Users should begin readying themselves for an onslaught of Valentine's Day-themed attacks that seek to steal personal information or install malware.

Prominent government and educations sites hijacked


A large number of legitimate websites have been infected to redirect users to spam websites.

New Google service identifies hacked sites


Google has launched a new service that notifies web surfers in search results if a website they may visit has been compromised.

Scores of spoofed YouTube pages lead to malware


Malicious pages, numbering more than 700,000 as of Wednesday, claim to contain a must-see YouTube video associated with the Gulf oil spill, NBA Playoffs, Harry Potter and other popular topics.

Cybercriminals exploiting luger's death, Winter Olympics


Attackers have been using Twitter and black hat search engine optimization tactics to promote fake videos from the Winter Olympics that are spreading malware, experts warned.

Searches for Apple iPad poisoned to distribute rogue AV


Cybercriminals have launched a black hat search engine optimization (SEO) campaign exploiting the interest surrounding Apple's newly released tablet computer, iPad, according to researchers at web security vendor Websense. Searches for "apple tablet announcement" have been poisoned by attackers and now yield a malicious link within the top five search results for site promoting rogue anti-virus products. Other recent SEO campaigns have leveraged the crisis in Haiti, the movie "Avatar" and Google's new Nexus One smartphone. - AM

Threat of the month

SEO attacks

Malicious cards, Brittany Murphy poisoned search hit web


Security researchers on Monday began warning internet users of a pair of new threats whose goal is to install malware on the PCs of unwitting users.


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