Single Sign On


VENDOR: PistolStar, Inc.

WHAT: PistolStar, Inc. maker of PortalGuard offers an on-premise turnkey user authentication solution-set for companies with external-facing web applications to their employees, contractors, suppliers, and vendors. This all-in-one integrated design includes two-factor methods, single sign-on, centralized self-service password reset/unlock, password synchronization, plus transparent barriers to confirm user identities by validating their context.

PRICE: $10k for unlimited users (2FA, SSO IdP, SSPR, Sync)


SecureAuth IdP

VENDOR: SecureAuth

WHAT: Full multifactor and single sign-on authentication management.

PRICE: Starting at $15 per user per year, plus $2,000 per virtual server per year.


Novell Identity and Access Management

VENDOR: Novell Inc

WHAT: Novell Identity and Access Management is comprised of three modules: the Identity Manager, which includes user-provisioning tools; the Access Manager, which provides access rights to users, ensuring all users have access to the resources they need; and finally SecureLogin, which adds single credentialing capabilities so users have universal access with just one username and password.

PRICE: $70 per user


Imprivata OneSign

VENDOR: Imprivata

WHAT: The Imprivata OneSign appliance provides identity management and single sign-on capabilities in one appliance.

PRICE: starts at $50 per user


Secure Access Manager (Single sign-on group test)

VENDOR: Fidevco Inc.

PRICE: from $16 per user for entrylevel control/SSO, to $45 for complete control and SSO solution for web, legacy and client-server environments



Akonix L7 (Internet Security group test)

VENDOR: Akonix Systems, Inc.

PRICE: $40 per user


Evidian Secure Access Manager (Single sign-on 2005)

VENDOR: Evidian

PRICE: from $66 per user for 100 users down to $35 per user for 10,000 users


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