Weekend news review: April 14-18

The infamous Heartbleed bug once again made headlines this week, as well as news coming out of the Pentagon regarding its security workforce, and a new development in the investigation into the potential Michaels credit card breach. For more insight on these articles visit our news section by clicking here.

Reactions to the NSA 'Heartbleed' allegations

Citing “two people familiar with the matter,” Bloomberg reported on Friday that the National Security Agency (NSA) was aware of the SSL/TLS encryption-breaking Heartbleed bug for at least two years before the now infamous flaw caught the attention of the world earlier this week. Shortly after, on its public affairs Twitter account, the NSA said it was not aware of the vulnerability until it was made public. continues to investigate these allegations, but in the meantime has gathered immediate Twitter responses from renowned security experts and privacy advocates in the industry.

9 expert opinions on the 'Heartbleed Bug'

Considered one of the most significant internet security vulnerabilities to date - affecting websites, emails, direct messages and other communications utilizing SSL/TLS encryption - the 'Heartbleed Bug' quickly made headlines around the world. Security experts have plenty to say about the vulnerability, and we've compiled the opinions of some of them in this slideshow.

April 2014 Threat Stats

In our April Threat Stats, we look at the 400,000 samples of mobile malware collected since the end of November, as well as the top breaches in February.

Weekend news review: March 31 - April 4

This week's news review features stories on the recent class-action suit filed against Target and Trustwave, a study on Advanced Evasion Techniques, and news on millions of home routers that enable DNS amplification DDoS attacks. For more deeper look at these news bits, click here to visit our news section.

Weekend news review: March 24-28

Another week in information security brings us major news items that involve more Snowden leaks, the president proposing new legislation on government surveillance, and interesting research by experts that indicates how smart TVs don't have smart security.

Weekend news review: March 17-21

This week's news included another retailer confirming a breach, a nasty trojan compromising thousands of Unix and Linux servers, and a new study indicating that nearly $500 billion will be spent in 2014 on recovery initiatives when dealing with data breaches and malware. For more deeper look at these news bits, click here to visit our news section.

Five breaches that rocked the retail industry

Breaches taking place at major retailers around the nation have the industry on high-alert. Even the government has asked these chain stores to expect more security incidents involving customer credit cards. Here's a brief look at some of the top events that have shaken the retail industry.

March 2014 Global Threats

According to our March global threats, there were some major events that took place in Canada, including a breach in Montreal where customers of telecom company Bell Canada had their usernames and passwords swiped.

Weekend news review: March 10-14

As per usual, there was a lot to cover this week in the industry. Here's a quick look at some of the top news stories the week has to offer. For a more in-depth look at each, visit our news section.

March 2014 Threat Stats

After analyzing zombie IP addresses, this month's threat stats indicate that India and Russia have each had increases in spam from December 2012 to January, while China had a major decrease.

2014 SC Awards U.S.

It was a night that featured some of the most notable names in the security industry. Here's a look at some of the action on the night of the 2014 SC Awards U.S.

February 2014 Global Threats

This month's global threat map shares some of the most notable information security incidents around the world, including a hack in Bell County, Texas where hackers compromised the phone system.

February 2014 Threat Stats

It's no surprise that this month's threat stats reveal that the largest breach to take place in December involved Target, where 40 million individuals were affected by the point-of-sale malware that swiped the data.

January 2014 global threats

January's global threat map shows where some of the major cyber incidents have taken place around the globe. During the past month, Russia was the top producing country of zombie IP addresses.

January 2014 Threat Stats

According to this month's threat stats, the top breach to take place in November involved Baltimore County where a contractor saved the personal information of county employees for reasons unrelated to work.

SC Congress Chicago 2013

Our big event in Chicago once again brought in some of the most respective professionals in the security industry. Here's a brief look at some of the action that took place in the Windy City.

November 2013 Threat Stats

According to this month's threat stats, the United States leads the way in the top five regions of the world that receive the most spam with 17.37%.

SC Congress New York 2013

Security professionals flocked to the Big Apple for this year's SC Congress event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan to sit in on sessions featuring notable industry minds. Here's a look at some of the action at the recent event.

October 2013 global threats

This month's global threat report once again features a slew of activity from big events in North America, to a massive leak of information in Japan.

October 2013 Threat Stats

According to this month's threat stats, when it comes to spam received, the United States leads the rest of the world.

September 2013 global threats

This month's global threats include hackers attacking Miss Teen USA, data leaked in Belgium, and miscreants compromising the website and database of the Police Nursing College in Thailand.

September 2013 Threat Stats

The latest threat stats from the September issue indicate that the top breach in July took place at Texas Health Methodist Hospital, where 277,000 records were compromised.

August 2013 global threats

There's never a dull moment in information security. Here's a look at some of the top incidents involving cyber crime that recently took place around the world.

August 2013 Threat Stats

According to this month's threat stats, the largest decreases in zombie activity occurred in Belarus and "other" South American nations. This slideshow features a look at some other insightful statistics from around the world.

Black Hat 2013 day two

The action continued on day two of the Black Hat briefings in Las Vegas, with hoards of security professionals networking, and some of the most impressive research of the year on display.

Black Hat 2013 day one

Las Vegas was buzzing for the first day of the Black Hat conference briefings at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino. Here's a look at some of the action.

11 talks you don't want to miss at Black Hat 2013

The top researchers in the world will descend upon Las Vegas next week for the highly anticipated Black Hat conference. This year's event features a record 110 talks. While you won't be able to attend them all -- unless perhaps you're the NSA -- we've made a handy list of 11 sessions spread over two days that you won't want to miss. Grab the popcorn. It's going to be good.

July 2013 global threats

This month's global threat map once again highlights cyber crime taking place around the globe, including Anonymous and the Syrian Electronic Army's recent DDoS assault on the Turkish government.

Four notable court actions in 2013

We're only halfway through the year, but there has been plenty of action in courtrooms around the nation involving information security. Here are four notable cases that we've covered in 2013.

July 2013 Threat Stats

This month's threat stats continue to indicate that the ZeroAccess trojan is still the malware of choice for U.S. hackers.

Top five data breaches in far

Midway through 2013 we've sorted through the endless breaches that have already taken place, and have decided on what we believe are the top incidents in 2013 thus far. Don't forget to check out our "breaches" section for more information on the topic.

SC Congress Toronto day two

Yet another successful SC Congress event wraps up in Toronto! Here's a brief look at some of the action that took place on the second day of the conference. Photos: Michelle Yee

SC Congress Toronto day one

Day one of SC Congress Toronto was a massive success, featuring talks by some of the industry's brightest minds. Here's a look at some of the action at the annual event. Photos: Michelle Yee

June 2013 global threats

June's global threats highlight a multitude of cyber crimes across the globe, including a phishing ruse ran by 18 students in Alaska.

June 2013 Threat Stats

According to our 2013 June threat stats, the largest decrease in zombie IP activity was in Russia and Vietnam, while the figure for other countries increased yet again.

2013 digital forensic tools

Here's a quick look at the pros and cons of some of the digital forensic tools currently on the market, as reported by the SC Lab team.

The workings of the cyber criminal underground

This infographic created by TrendMicro, gives insight into how cyber criminals are improving in ways to steal money. Click here for the full infographic.

Which presents the biggest cyber threat to U.S. companies?

Out of a small list of options, we asked our readers who they believed presented the biggest cyber threat to U.S. companies. Here are the results of the poll along with additional statistics.

Password policies in the workplace

This infographic, created by Ping Identity, discusses the problems with password proliferation in the enterprise, and how the cost of common security measures may be more than some expect.

2013 Website security statistics report

This infographic created by WhiteHat Security, provides insight into the state of website security and issues organizations face today.

May 2013 Threat Stats

This month's threat stats indicate that the encounter rate of web malware across the retail and wholesale industry was over 100 percent.

May 2013 global threats

In this month's global threat map, events across the globe are highlighted that include the sentencing of a man who ran a phishing ring in the United States.

InfoSecurity Europe 2013 day three

The final day of the conference held in London may have ended earlier than the first two, but the showroom floor was still buzzing from start to finish. Here's a brief look at day three.

InfoSecurity Europe 2013 day two

The action continued on Day Two of the InfoSecurity Europe conference in London. With engaging and compelling presentations, keynotes, and panel discussions, there hasn’t been a dull moment.

InfoSecurity Europe 2013 day one

Security professionals from all over Europe flocked to London for the start of the InfoSecurity Europe 2013 conference. Here's a brief look at the first day.

2013 SIEM tools

The SC Labs team took a look at some of the latest SIEM products on the market and reported the pros and cons. Here's a look.

Is the cyber security executive order good enough to improve collaboration?

In a recent online poll we asked our viewers if they thought President Obama's recent cyber security executive order was good enough to improve information sharing. Here are the results including additional stats.

The state of network security 2013: Attitudes and opinions

In this inforgraphic, AlgoSec illustrates the findings of a recent survey in which security, network operations and compliance professionals shared their concerns and challenges with securing and managing increasingly complex networks.

April 2013 global threats

Among other notable factoids, this month's global threats map indicates that Belarus was the leading source of all zombie IP addresses.

The state of malware 2013

Based on McAfee Labs Research, this infographic attempts to predict the state of malware in 2013, including new threats and specific malware growth.

April 2013 Threat Stats

According to this month's threat stats, the total number of records containing sensitive data involved in breaches in the U.S. since January of 2005 is 607,255,063.

Emerging products: Virtual system security

This month, we continue our periodic look at the hot product groups that are shaping the information security marketplace. Here are four products that are focused on securing virtual systems.

2013 Unified threat manager tools

After dissecting some of the top Unified Threat Management (UTM) tools out in the market, the SC Lab team reported the "strengths" and "weaknesses."

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