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Small organizations confident they're secure, yet lack plans


A new study shows that SMBs believe they're capable of avoiding a cyber attack -- but this could all be a case of cognitive dissonance.

FCC to release free protection tool for small businesses


As small businesses increase their dependence on the internet, one federal agency is helping to pave the way for them to conduct secure operations.

Account takeover still common, but getting detected faster


A new survey from FS-ISAC shows that corporate account takeover remains a persistent issue for banks, but they are getting better at detecting the fraud before any money changes hands.

FCC unveils cyber defense website for small businesses


The Federal Communications Commission on Monday announced the launch of a new website designed to help small businesses protect against cyberattack.

VMware to acquire Shavlik to boost SMB offerings


Virtualization provider VMware has acquired Shavlik Technologies, a provider of cloud-based IT management solutions for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), the companies announced Monday. The deal, the terms of which were not disclosed, is expected to close later this quarter. Following the acquisition, VMware will offer SMBs a full portfolio for managing, monitoring and securing IT environments, the company said. The two vendors already partner to provide VMware GO, a free, web-based service that assists SMBs in the deployment and management of VMware technology.

FBI warns of millions lost in fraudulent transfers to China


The FBI is probing 20 new cases of U.S. businesses losing millions of dollars to cybercriminals, who then siphoned off the cash to accounts in China.

Zeus vs. online authentication, Part 2: Five hard questions

Typically fraud is considered unacceptable in other industries yet 80 percent of banks failed to catch fraud prior to wire transfer, according to a recent study. Two experts answer five hard questions.

ZeuS vs. online authentication, Part 1

Experi-Metal v Comerica Bank: Banking Trojan Litigation Analyzed. Is today's authentication sufficient to protect against the latest ZeuS banking trojan attacks?

Banking bill would treat schools, towns like consumers


A New York lawmaker has introduced a bill that would extend financial protection to municipalities and school districts that fall victim to unauthorized bank funds transfers.

SMB security concerns: Interview with Christian Renaud, CEO of Palisade Systems


SC Magazine's Angela Moscaritolo chats with Christian Renaud, CEO of Palisade Systems, who discusses the unique security challenges facing small and midsize businesses and offers up some best practices they can put to use to protect themselves in today's threat landscape.

Zeus used to steal $890,000 from U.K. banking customers


A group of cybercriminals stole some $890,000 from the customers of an unnamed, large U.K. bank, according to researchers at security firm M86. Attackers last month distributed exploits via infected websites and malicious advertisements to compromise victims' browsers and install a new version of the data stealing-trojan Zeus onto their PCs. The botnet operators programmed the malware to wait for the bank balance of infected users to reach at least $1,000, after which they conducted fraudulent transactions that wired funds to the accounts of money mules. Researchers discovered 3,000 compromised accounts, including some belonging to businesses. — AM

Banking trojans as a weapon of mass destruction

Businesses often don't know what lurks online or how they can get phished with a simple email.

Banking trojan theft: stopping the bleeding of American business accounts

CIOs and IT managers nationwide are realizing that their company's payroll could be pilfered by a malware-controlling criminal.

Small businesses largely not PCI compliant


Though 83 percent of small businesses are familiar with the PCI DSS, just 62 are compliant, according to a recent survey.


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