Smart Grid News, Articles and Updates

FERC establishes cyber security office


The agency that regulates the transmission of electricity, oil and natural gas in the United States has created a new office to concentrate on cyber security.

Firm releases open-source smart meter assessment tool


Two research presentations set to be delivered next week in Las Vegas will shine the spotlight on the vulnerability of smart meters.

RSA Conference 2012: Swapping info on the smart grid


Standards and policy leaders are concerned about the lack of threat intelligence on smart grid.

Despite threats, security not enough of priority at utilities


Critical infrastructure providers have been slow to respond to an increasing number of threats targeting industries such as power, oil, gas and water, according to a new report.

SC Congress Canada: Smart grid and privacy


Ann Cavoukian, privacy commissioner of Ontario, discusses how privacy risks must be considered as smart meters are deployed to homes throughout North America. Many utilities, she says, are overlooking the privacy dangers, such as third-parties gaining access to homeowners' electrical usage patterns, but that mindset must change.


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