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Our SC Magazine "Spotlight" editions are all about focus. Although our regular monthly issues take varied and deep looks into any number of timely topics, our "Spotlights" cover only one, very current problem afflicting the business world with feature stories, in-depth analysis, Q&As, expert columns and the latest news and research.

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Road Warriors Spotlight 2015

Smartphones, tablets, even computers embedded in your car enable data to flow unimpeded between the road warrior and the home office, but the security of communications is still a challenge for IT personnel charged with protecting network data. Complementing the rise of workers performing their tasks away from a central office has been the expansion of the use of cloud-based technology. But, what's the deal with cloud-based internet security platforms? Are these platforms safe enough to provide carrier-grade security to mobile and guest users? We examine the field and delve deep with experts to assess the options.

This new Spotlight edition of SC Magazine explores this fabulous new world of everywhere and anywhere connections, with an emphasis on what defenses are effective and how mobile workers can connect most securely.

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Security Planning Spotlight 2015

For the security industry, the tide is shifting. Executives and boards are recognizing future ROI benefits in beefing up security when alerted to the potential of a three to five percent sales decline following a data breach. No board wants to see its company in the headlines as a consequence of an attack and subsequent loss of proprietary or customer data. While not easy to calculate, brand damage can have a devastating impact on an operation - witness the fallout to just a recent spate of victims: Anthem, JPMorgan Chase, Sony, Target, Home Depot.

According to the experts we spoke to for this special Spotlight on Security Planning, it's not going to be easy, though, to achieve all these worthwhile goals. A fundamental shift is required to alter how organizations efficiently achieve risk, governance and compliance. In addition, there has to be an understanding of the roles, challenges and goals of both the security and IT operations teams in order to change.

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APT Spotlight 2014

APTs occur over the long term, surreptitiously stealing valuable data from targeted organizations. Part One of this new Spotlight from SC Magazine investigates the scourge. We spoke with a wide range of experts to paint a broad picture of this tactic. Part Two, which will blast in a few weeks, continues our examination of APTs and offers solutions to help mitigate the damage they cause.

APTs show little sign of disappearing as a serious threat. The malware associated with APTs is always evolving, and threat actors are going after anything at the enterprise level. Exacerbating the situation: There is a thriving underground market for selling the tools and techniques necessary to stage an attack. Not only are the bad guys winning, they are already in your network. The question you need to ask is, How do I get them out? We provide some tools and strategies you can apply to mitigate this challenge.

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Road Warrior Spotlight 2014

For access to the internet and corporate networks, today's most efficient road warriors equip themselves with a range of devices, accessories and services - everything from laptops, tablets and smartphones to 3G modems, as well as video and conferencing apps using VoIP, like Google Voice, FaceTime and Skype. But, while mobile connections can be convenient for workers on the go, the security of the transmissions is still a primary concern for those charged with protecting corporate assets. And, individuals emailing and transferring documents from a café, hotel room or any Wi-Fi-enabled hotspot outside of their protected VPN, is potentially putting their own personal data at risk. 

What can road warriors do to better protect their employer's data (as well as their own personal information)? For this latest Spotlight we spoke with a number of industry experts to gain their first-hand knowledge of best practices, tools and strategies that, if implemented, could greatly improve the security of digital transmissions - be it via email, dropping files onto a shared cloud server, mobile phone call or videoconference.

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Online Fraud Spotlight 2014

In the last 10 years, 4,000-plus data breaches in the United States have exposed the personal information of 867.3 million people. With computers all over the globe interconnecting on the internet, a thriving business has arisen in absconding with personal, corporate or government assets for financial gain, business advantage or nation-state supremacy.

This "Spotlight on Online Fraud," a special issue of SC Magazine, focuses on the deceitful tricks, tactics and strategies the "bad guys" are employing to penetrate defenses to get to the data, and the tools and policies security personnel use - and are developing -to thwart those efforts.

We spoke with a number of industry experts to gain their perspectives, and delve deeply into every aspect of doing business online affecting the security of transactions and the data entrusted to corporate partners.

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Education Spotlight 2014

The field of IT security is thriving - and only expanding - as the protection of corporate and government assets remains a pressing issue. Yet, as this special SC Magazine Spotlight on Education reveals, the talent pool of qualified professionals is insufficient to meet the demand.

We're here to help. In these pages, we've gathered a number of expert viewpoints to explore the role of grade-level courses and those of higher learning at colleges and universities to gain an understanding of how the IT security and information industries might fare in the future.

And what about the security executive of today already in place in our large and small enterprises in both government and the private sector? Continuing education is a necessity as skill sets evolve and persuasive communication with the boardroom becomes essential.

And, to top it all off, this issue includes our seventh annual Q&A with a number of schools and universities sanctioned by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security as Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance (IA) and/or Research.

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Social Media Spotlight 2013

The public is staking a future on social media platforms, pinning their hopes and dreams on an online experience that has certainly entertained them. And the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and numerous other social media platforms have proven beneficial to enterprises - blasting out their corporate message and thus enticing targeted individuals to visit their websites.

However, the platforms are a cause of concern for the security professionals whose job it is to keep corporate data where it belongs and to make certain its networks are as clean as possible from malware and intrusive attacks. 

This special Spotlight on Social Media edition of SC Magazine reviews some of the challenges they face in light of developments in the BYOD movement, cloud computing, compliance requirements, the bevy of cyber attacks and more.

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Education Spotlight 2013

Information security leaders are the front lines against a legion of cyber criminals. Refreshing the ranks with knowledgeable and new blood and ensuring that robust and timely continuous educational opportunities are available for those practitioners with an undying passion for their professions is paramount.

This special Spotlight on Education edition of SC Magazine looks at the state of educational opportunities for IT security pros and reviews just some of the challenges they face in light of developments in the BYOD movement, cloud computing, compliance requirements, the bevy of cyber attacks and more. Also included is our annual survey of colleges and universities offering information assurance programs recognized by the NSA and DHS.

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Insider Threat Spotlight 2013

More than 700 insider threat cases have been logged in the past 15 years by the Software Engineering Institute's CERT program.

While the risk of data theft by employees and third parties has long been a challenge for security personnel, the recent betrayals of privileged access by Pvt. Bradley Manning and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have made the inside threat the stuff of headlines.

This new Spotlight on Insider Threat from SC Magazine examines the latest developments and offers immediate tactics and long-terms plans you can take to address myriad issues associated with the risks posed by trusted insiders.

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Mobile Spotlight 2013

There's no longer any question that we are all now part of a mobile workforce. Most of us are using smartphones, laptops and tablets to not only watch YouTube videos while on the train, but to access corporate networks to perform job duties.

While the BYOD phenomenon has certainly been a boon to convenience, added to production efficiencies and lowered costs, for security practitioners, a whole new set of challenges has arisen.

This new Spotlight on Mobile Security from SC Magazine examines the latest developments and offers immediate tactics and long-terms plans you can take to address myriad issues associated with mobile device use.

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Social Media Spotlight

Our special Spotlight series is back for the holidays, this time with a fresh focus on social media and its security and privacy ramifications.

Cyber criminals have taken a particular liking to these platforms, given the amount of users who flock there to interact. Plus, sites like Twitter and Facebook form a vast repository for personal or proprietary data, making accidental disclosure or intentional targeting a real concern.

As such, business executives must discern just how to marry business-related social media use with all of the risks that it embodies, and then decide if social networking is friend or foe.

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Education Spotlight 2012

In this special Spotlight edition of SC Magazine we present some updates on the certifications for which most of you must gain continuing education credits, while also sharing with you some news on the latest credentials that certification bodies are putting out there. As well, for the fifth year we provide a listing of the top information assurance programs as decided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency.

Also, we include some opinions from leading information security pros to hear what they think of IT security education now and whether it has evolved to where it needs to be or if it still has some maturing to do.

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Insider Threat Spotlight 2012

Flame, Anonymous, Zeus, nation-states...we're all familiar with these forms of attack. In fact, many of these incidents -- which are sourced to adversaries who can be anywhere on the planet, shrouded in secrecy -- are the stuff of headlines. But, another category of attack has received far less mainstream attention, but presents an equally significant, if not larger, liability to organizations: the insider threat.

This special edition of SC Magazine, "Spotlight on the Insider Threat," examines how insider-led breaches happen and why today's digital climate is conducive for continued incidents. We speak with industry experts who share advice on strategies, policies, and technologies.

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Mobile Spotlight 2012

It goes without saying that one of the most concerning topics in information security today revolves around mobile devices. Our latest "Spotlight" edition once again takes on the mobile security challenge by exploring the exploding market of mobile security services and tools, and the effect they currently have on the enterprise. Many IT security professionals and their superiors admit that they are far from getting a handle on all the challenges associated with mobile technologies.

As organizations continue to embrace mobility and BYOD, how can CISOs properly address security implications? When threats tied to BYOD morph into successful attacks, they slow us workers down, hurt our organizations' brands and, ultimately, impact our collective success. The issues are countless, but in this edition of our Spotlight series, we try to cover them all and provide some tips along the way.

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Spotlight on Social Media

We never disconnect from social media. Not only do we count on these channels to communicate with friends and interesting people, but we also rely on them to reach customers, collaborate with co-workers, and generate new revenue streams. Thus, blocking access to sites such as Facebook and Twitter is quickly becoming taboo.

But given the sheer amount of and ease by which personal information can be shared on these sites present a major enterprise risk. SC Magazine's newest installment of our special "Spotlight" editions will help you, the security professional, hone in on the insider and external threats presented by social networking so you can protect your organization's crown jewels: its data. We hope you enjoy.

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Spotlight on Cloud

The third "Spotlight" edition of SC Magazine provides an in-depth analysis on securing data in the cloud and the effect this is having on enterprise security. There's no doubt that cloud services offer reduced cost, scalability, flexibility, mobility and more. However, the lower total cost of ownership the cloud offers is quickly negated when critical business data is exposed or stolen because data there proved easy pickings to persistent cybercriminals.

This "Spotlight" edition offers a look at cloud concerns faced in the enterprise today - gathering intelligence from experts in the field, the latest reports and thorough investigation.

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Spotlight on mobile

In this special Spotlight edition, we're taking on the mobile security challenge. It is one problem that most of our readers bring up to us time and again. To safeguard mobile devices used by business executives, the data stored on them and the connectivity to corporate networks they enable is a constant trial - one that is infrequently satisfactorily remedied. This is leaving many security pros comparing themselves to Sisyphus rolling a giant boulder up a steep hill over and over.

So, just how are companies supposed to secure these things - some private, some corporate-issued? What about the data they want to download on them? Any legal ramifications? How does the company stay compliant?  The questions never end, so we thought it'd be helpful to slow down for a moment to thoroughly examine these more confounding mobile security concerns in this "Spotlight" edition. After you flip through its pages, let us know if you found what you needed. Text us or something...

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