Data stolen from 1,000 Canadian officials


The personal information of 1,000 Canadian government officials was stolen as part of a vast data heist last December, it has been revealed.

Judge approves Stratfor lawsuit settlement over breach


Stratfor plans to settle with its subscribers who filed suit against the global affairs company following a devastating breach committed by Anonymous.

Alleged LulzSec hacker Hammond pleads innocent


Accused Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond plans to fight the charges filed against him for the devastating breach of the global affairs firm.

Stratfor subscribers targeted by malware-ridden emails


A letter addressed to the stolen email addresses of Stratfor customers claims to be a helpful reminder of malware scams, but is actually bait to spread the Zbot trojan.

Anonymous publishes Stratfor customer data


The Anonymous collective on Thursday posted 200 GB of information on customers of security think tank Stratfor.

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