Study: Bing delivers five times as many infected sites as Google

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A study of America's two most popular search engines revealed that infected websites were more likely to appear in top results from Bing than Google.

Microsoft's Bing delivered on average five times as many websites containing malware than Google, according to AV-TEST, an independent IT security research institute based in Germany.

In its study, the organization evaluated nearly 40 million websites over an 18-month period, which ended in February.

Google searches brought up 272 sites containing malware, while Bing produced substantially more, 1,285 infected sites.

Google ranked the best in the study, with Bing coming in second. The study noted, however, that both Google and Bing search engines have made giant strides in reducing the number of malicious sites their ranking algorithms produce.

Yandex, Blekko, Farro, Teoma and Baidu were other search engines tested.

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