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Obama promises U.S. response to Sony attack, says company made mistake

Pointing out that North Korea had inflicted considerable damage in its Sony hack, President Obama said the U.S. would respond.

Barrett Brown sentencing delayed until January

Barrett Brown appeared in federal court in Dallas Tuesday for sentencing, but will now have to wait until January to hear his fate.

Spearfishing campaign compromises ICANN systems

Staff member credentials were used to access ICANN systems after spearphishing campaign that began in November.

'Spark' shares traits with Alina, JackPOS, uses AutoIt differently

'Spark' shares traits with Alina, JackPOS, uses AutoIt differently

Researchers at Trustwave SpiderLabs have released details on a new Alina variant dubbed Spark.

Researchers find 'CoolReaper' backdoor in CoolPad devices

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers have identified the backdoor on numerous devices, so far leaving more than 10 million users vulnerable.

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