Rogers victimized by ransomware

A misstep by an IT employee of Canadian communications conglomerate Rogers Communications allowed the contractual information of 50-70 of the company's business customers to be exposed via Twitter.

Anonymous member deported from Canada

Canada deported self-proclaimed Anonymous member Matt DeHart.

Canadian government investing to counter attacks

Shared Services Canada plans to spend $55 million to upgrade IT infrastructure.

CSE spies on global file uploads

One of Canada's intelligence agencies has been secretly monitoring file downloads across the world for years.

Canada losing cybersecurity war

Canada's companies are ill-prepared to meet modern cybersecurity challenges, according to a survey by the Ponemon Institute.


It's time to find an alternative to multi-factor authentication

It's time to find an alternative to multi-factor authentication

There's no doubt that multi-factor authentication is a strong way to protect your data — and the more factors you need to use to authenticate yourself, the stronger that protection becomes.

AccessData Forensic Toolkit FTK

One of the distinctions that we still find in cyberforensics is between media forensics and network forensics.

Cellebrite UFED Analytics Enterprise Platform

Over the years Cellebrite has been a pioneer in mobile device forensics.

Guidance Software Encase Endpoint Investigator

This is an “over-the-network” tool. Under the license, you can connect up to 2,000 nodes.

IntaForensics Lima Forensic Case Management

The inclusion of case management in digital forensic tools is becoming much more common, but there are some functions in Lima that we don’t find anywhere else.

NIKSUN NetDetectorLive NikOS Everest

NetDetector always has been a good series for Niksun, but this new version tops everything they’ve done so far.

Outlier Security Outlier

One of Outlier Security Outlier's biggest bangs is its ability to analyze what's going on at an endpoint in a forensically sound manner.

Paraben DS

Paraben was one of, if not the, pioneer in mobile device forensics long before we called it that.

TSFactory RecordTS Single Server Edition

This is a very interesting tool and, though it does just one thing – monitor and record remote terminal services sessions – it does that quite well.


Bufferzone uses a unique approach to protecting the endpoint.

Cybereason Detection Response Platform

This is a pure-play endpoint protection tool with a strong focus on malware.


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