Almost 40 percent of Canada's Justice Department duped by phishing

Almost one in four employees at Canada's Justice Department fell prey to internet phishing in an exercise last December.

Microsoft wavers on Canadian spam fears

Microsoft has reconsidered a move to cease security emails in Canada, following the introduction of an anti-spam law north of the border.

Underinvestment, poor communication plague Canadian cybersecurity

Canadian cybersecurity is languishing due to poor communication and disappointing security investments, according to research from the Ponemon Institute.

New Canadian privacy commissioner comes under fire

Canada's federal privacy commissioner has been replaced in a move that has sparked criticism from activists, academics and political leaders.

Canadian hospital employees leaked personal details to financial firms

Up to 8,300 patients had their personal information stolen and given to financial companies by staff at Ontario's Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital.


Unfair competition: Proactive preemption can save you from litigation

Unfair competition: Proactive preemption can save you from litigation

With each job change, the risk that the new hire will bring confidential information or trade secrets with him or her to the new company grows.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

BES10 provides device management, security and application management for corporate and BYOD (bring your own device) BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices delivered through a single end-to-end platform.

MobileEther v2.0 by iboss

MobileEther by iboss extends device security which marries MDM with web security in one cloud or hybrid-based platform.

MECS Server v1.9.4.2 by Mobile Active Defense

The MECS (Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security) server is a centrally managed enterprise-grade solution designed to extend security functions to corporate and personally-owned mobile devices (iOS, Android).

Sophos Mobile Control v4.0

Sophos Mobile Control is an enterprise mobility management solution which offers mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile email management, mobile content management and mobile security and compliance through an easy-to-handle, web-based user interface.

Acuity STREAM Integrated Risk Manager v3.1

STREAM Integrated Risk Manager v3.1 from Acuity Risk Management is a risk-driven, compliance-monitoring and reporting solution that can log, track, remediate and report against multiple standards.

Agiliance RiskVision v7.0 HF1

Agiliance RiskVision v7.0 provides a holistic view of security and compliance in one integrated enterprise platform that enables companies to move from a reactive threat-driven approach to a proactive, risk-aware posture.

AlgoSec Security Management Suite v6.5

The AlgoSec Security Management Suite is an appliance-based policy management toolset for analyzing routing tables, hit counters, log files and topology information from various firewalls, switches and routers.

Allgress Insight and Risk Manager v5

Allgress Insight and Risk Manager v5 helps companies aggregate data from security and compliance assessments and technical inputs and turn it into meaningful, actionable risk specific intelligence that can be aligned with the goals of the business

Risk Analytics as a Service v4.1.0

Brinqa Risk Analytics is an IT risk management and vulnerability risk management platform that provides a consolidated view of an organization’s risk factors. Handles Big Data very well, reporting, dashboarding and analytics.

Citicus ONE vR.4.0

Citicus ONE is an integrated system for organizations to automate their IT governance, risk and compliance management processes.

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