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Sourcebooks payment card breach impacts more than 5,000 customers

More than 5,000 customers had personal information stolen, but roughly 9,000 notification letters were sent out as a precautionary measure.

Cyberswim notifies customers that payment card data may be at risk

Malicious software installed on Sept. 24 may have compromised personal information for visitors that made purchases between May 12 and Aug. 28.

Marquette University notifies graduate applicants of possible breach

Settings for an internal file server were inadvertently modified, making graduate school applications accessible to anyone with Marquette University login credentials.

Physician's email account, accessed by unknown source, contained patient data

UC Davis Health System is notifying 1,326 patients that a physician's work email account was accessed by an unknown source and an email within that account contained their personal or medical information.

Oregon Employment Department notifies 850K individuals of breach

More than 850,000 individuals are being notified by the Oregon Employment Department that their personal information may have been compromised during an intrusion into the agency's website.

Malware on NDSCS computers that stored data on 15K students and staffers

North Dakota State College of Science is notifying more than 15,000 current and former students and employees that malware was discovered on numerous computers that contained their personal information.

Valeritas notifies all employees of possible data breach

Security settings were inadvertently removed from a folder containing staffer data and it was possible for other employees to access the personal information.

Touchstone Medical Imaging patient data accessible online

An undisclosed number of Touchstone Medical Imaging patients are being notified that their personal information was inadvertently made accessible via the internet.

Unencrypted laptop stolen from Community Technology Alliance

An unencrypted, password protected laptop stolen from Community Technology Alliance contained Social Security numbers.

FHSU former student data inadvertently posted online

The personal information of more than a hundred former FHSU students was inadvertently made available online by an employee.

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