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Thousands notified of six-month payment card breach at The Houstonian Hotel

More than 10,000 customers of The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa have been notified that their payment cards were exposed in a payment processing systems attack that lasted six months.

Former employee posts data online, 10K impacted in Missouri school district

Data on more than 10,000 current and former staffers and students was accessed after a former Park Hill School District employee posted the information online.

St. Vincent Breast Center mails 63K letters to wrong people

St. Vincent Breast Center mailed more than 63,000 letters containing personal information to the wrong people due to a clerical error.

Laptop stolen from billing vendor contained unencrypted data on 3,500 students

Students in Massachusetts and Vermont had unencrypted personal information on a password protected laptop that was stolen from the vehicle of a billing vendor.

Stanford Federal Credit Union email error exposes 18K members' data

A Standford Federal Credit Union employee inadvertently included member information in an email sent to another member.

Hackers access data on more than 160K Butler University students and staffers

Hackers may have gained unauthorized access to Butler University's computer systems and stolen data on about 163,000 students, alumni and staffers.

Salina Family Healthcare Center email gaffe impacts about 10K patients

A Salina Family Healthcare Center employee inadvertently left patient information in a database that was submitted to the National Commission for Quality Assurance.

Laptop stolen from Calif. hospital stored data on more than 500 patients

Riverside County Regional Medical Center has notified 563 patients that their data was on a laptop stolen from a hospital procedure room.

Data accessible on all Giant Eagle staffers due to employee portal issue

All employees at supermarket chain Giant Eagle are being notified that their personal data could have been accessed by anyone properly logged into the Team Member portal.

Employee accesses nearly 100K patient files in NRAD Medical Associates breach

A former employee radiologist accessed and acquired data on as many as 97,000 current and former patients of NRAD Medical Associates.

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