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Second burglary breach within a month for Coordinated Health

More than 700 Pennsylvania patients have been impacted after Coordinated Health experienced its second burglary-related data breach within a month.

Fate of unencrypted drive unknown, PHI of 5,500 in Virginia at risk

A Virginia-based chiropractic center is not quite sure what happened to an unencrypted thumb drive, which contained personal information - including Social Security numbers - on more than 5,500 patients.

Iowa State server breach exposes SSNs of nearly 30,000

The breach impacts Iowa State students where were enrolled at the university between 1995 and 2012.

Three laptops stolen from New York podiatry office, 6,475 at risk

Nearly 6,500 patients of New York-based Sims and Associates Podiatry may have had personal information compromised after three laptops were stolen.

Data on 55,000 VFW members impacted by attacker seeking military intel

About 55,000 VFW members may have personal information at risk after an attacker seeking military intelligence gained access to a VFW web server.

More than 1,400 medical records compromised in Texas breach

More than 1,400 medical records were compromised after unauthorized access was gained to the health records system used by a Texas cardiology clinic.

Breach impacts thousands in Bibb County that applied for gov't jobs

A website security breach resulted in a compromise of data - including Social Security numbers - for thousands who applied for government jobs in Bibb County.

GovWin IQ hacked, payment card data of 25,000 Deltek customers at risk

Roughly 80,000 Deltek customers may have information at risk, including payment card data for 25,000 of them, after an attacker hacked into Deltek's GovWin IQ system.

Chicago doctor's email account accessed, held info on 1,200 patients

An unknown individual gained unauthorized access to a Chicago doctor's personal email account, which resulted in a compromise of personal information for 1,200 patients.

Drives containing info on 2,500 stolen from Michigan health department

The Michigan Department of Community health is notifying more than 2,500 individuals that their personal information was on an encrypted laptop and unencrypted flash drive that was stolen.

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