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Another breach involving Onsite Health Diagnostics, Kansas City hospital impacted

Children's Mercy Hospital is notifying more than 4,000 individuals that their information may have been compromised after an Onsite Health Diagnostics system was breached.

Vitamin seller website attacked, payment cards and other info compromised

Credit and debit cards, as well as other information, may have been compromised by an attacker who gained access to computer system.

Subcontractor breach impacts more than 60K Tennessee workers

An unknown attacker hacked into the computer system of a subcontractor and accessed personal information on more than 60,000 Tennessee workers.

Patient data at risk following missing unencrypted CD

Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) patients are being notified that their information may be compromised after an unencrypted CD went missing after being mailed.

Insider breach at Las Vegas brain and spine surgery center

A former employee with Western Regional Center for Brain & Spine Surgery allegedly stole data and used it for fraudulent purposes, and is now the subject of a law enforcement investigation.

Payment cards used on Wireless Emporium website compromised by malware

Payment cards may have been compromised for anyone who made a purchase on the Wireless Emporium website between Dec. 24, 2013, and Jan. 19.

Florida bank notifies roughly 72,500 customers of breach

Early in July, TotalBank began notifying a reported 72,500 customers that an unauthorized individual obtained access to the TotalBank computer network and, possibly, their information.

Malware on Backcountry Gear website, payment cards compromised

Malware was installed on the Backcountry Gear website for roughly three months, during which payment cards may have been compromised.

Programming error results in CVS Caremark mailing blunder

About 350 CVS Caremark customers are being notified that a programming error resulted in mailers containing their personal information being sent to the wrong customers.

Seattle University donor checks possibly exposed due to settings error

Seattle University is notifying an undisclosed number of donors that anyone with a Seattle University computer account could have viewed scanned checks.

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