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Three MetroHealth computers infected with malware, patients notified

The Ohio-based health care provider is notifying nearly 1,000 patients that three computers in its Cardiac Cath Lab were infected with malware.

Penn State breached by two threat actors, earliest attack in 2012

Penn State University is notifying roughly 18,500 individuals and research partners that their personal information may have been compromised.

Retail Capital notifies hundreds following security incident

Unauthorized access was gained to the electronic mailbox of a sales manager, and personal information may have been compromised.

Oregon's Health CO-OP laptop stolen, about 15K members notified

A laptop containing information on approximately 15,000 current and former members of Oregon's Health CO-OP was stolen.

UC Berkeley announces breach, unauthorized access to web server

Unauthorized access was first gained to the web server in December 2014, and a separate unauthorized access occurred in February.

Texas-based Seton Family of Hospitals notifies 39K patients of breach

Patients are being notified that a Seton Healthcare Family employee's email address was compromised in a phishing attack.

About 25K people impacted in Saint Agnes Health Care breach

The personal information was compromised by attackers who used a phishing email to gain access to a Saint Agnes employee's email account, which contained the data.

Data at risk for 9,000 individuals following unauthorized access to SRI Inc. website

Indiana-based SRI Incorporated is notifying roughly 9,000 individuals that their personal information may be at risk.

HSBC mortgage customer info was publicly accessible on the internet

HSBC is notifying an undisclosed number of current and former mortgage customers of that their information was inadvertently made publicly accessible on the internet.

California-based home care services co. notifies employees of data breach, tax fraud

Unauthorized access was gained to the human resource records of Homebridge, formerly In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Consortium, and the stolen personal information may have been used to file fraudulent tax return forms.

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