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Northwestern Memorial HealthCare laptop stolen, patient data at risk

A password protected, unencrypted laptop was stolen from an employee's vehicle in October, affecting a reported 2,800 patients.

Skimming at Virginia ATMs, more than 3,000 Union debit cards compromised

Virginia-based Union First Market Bank announced that a number of ATMs in the Richmond area fell victim to skimming and more than 3,000 of its debit cards were affected.

UC Berkeley data breach impacts about 1,600 individuals

University of California, Berkeley is notifying roughly 1,600 individuals that their personal information may have been compromised in a data breach.

Stolen EMCOR Services laptop contained Social Security numbers, other data

EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems is notifying an undisclosed number of individuals that their personal information was on a company laptop that was stolen.

Payment solution provider Charge Anywhere has card info compromised

Charge Anywhere, a mobile payments solution provider, is notifying its customers of a cyber attack on its network that exposed plain text payment card transaction authorization requests for up to five years.

Visionworks announces second data incident affecting 48K Florida customers

After making a similar announcement in November, Texas-based Visionworks is notifying 48,000 customers in Florida that a database server containing their personal information is missing.

N.C. hospital patient info accessible via internet for longer than two years

Highlands-Cashiers Hospital in North Carolina is notifying about 25,000 patients that their personal information was accessible via the internet for longer than two years.

Unauthorized intruders gain access to ART Payroll database

Unauthorized intruders gained access to an ART Payroll database and may have compromised personal information, including Social Security numbers.

Godiva notifies employees of stolen laptop containing their data

Godiva is notifying an undisclosed number of employees that their data was on a laptop that was stolen from the rental car of a human resources employee.

Breach impacts about 10,000 employees in Maryland school system

Prince George's County Public School System in Maryland is notifying roughly 10,000 employees that their personal information may be at risk.

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