The Data Breach Blog

Data on 5,300 Healthfirst members caught up in fraud scheme

An individual who perpetrated fraud against Healthfirst may have stolen information about current and former members from Healthfirst's online portal.

Breach affects 3,000 clients enrolled in Georgia state program

The Division of Aging Services inadvertently emailed their personal data to a contracted provider that was not authorized to view the information.

Personal data on laptop stolen from attorney with California law firm

Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo is notifying an undisclosed number of individuals that a laptop computer containing their personal information was stolen.

Alfa Insurance: data on 86K individuals inadvertently made accessible to internet

Information stored on one of Alfa's computer servers at a Tennessee location was inadvertently accessible to the internet.

Evans Hotels announces payment card incident involving malware

Malware was installed on computers at the front desks of Evans Hotels properties that could have compromised payment card data.

Detroit Zoo, eight others across the county experience POS breach

The third-party vendor responsible for operating payment systems at the Detroit Zoo experienced a POS breach that affected eight other zoos.

Orlando Health employee improperly accesses patient medical records

The employee was fired for accessing an estimated 3,200 patient medical records outside of their normal job responsibilities.

Illinois insurer says software error resulted in data exposure

A software error at Trustmark Mutual Holding Company resulted in emails containing personal information being sent to the wrong insurance carrier clients.

Meritus Medical Center notifies patients of improper access to data

An employee of a Meritus Medical Center vendor may have accessed patient information outside of their normal job duties.

Malware on Tactical Assault Gear website targets customer information

Thousands of customers are being notified that malware on the Tactical Assault Gear website may have compromised their personal information.

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