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Devices stolen from Boston hospital physician during armed robbery contained patient data

Boston-based Brigham and Women's Hospital is notifying roughly 1,000 patients that their personal information may have been on a laptop computer and cell phone stolen from a physician during an armed robbery.

Malware on Central Dermatology Center server since August 2012

Central Dermatology Center is notifying more than 76,000 patients that one of its servers had been compromised by malware for roughly two years, and their personal information may or may not have been accessed.

Seattle Public Schools data improperly released, at least 8,000 students affected

Seattle Public Schools is notifying parents that personal information on as few as 8,000 special education students was improperly released.

Visionworks notifies 75K Maryland customers of missing database server

As many as 75,000 customers who received services at a Visionworks location in Maryland are being notified that in an investigation is underway to locate a missing database server potentially containing their information.

Malware possibly compromised payment cards at Grand Casino Mille Lacs

Payment cards used at Grand Casino Mille Lacs were subsequently used to make fraudulent purchases, and may have been compromised by an unauthorized individual who used malware.

California credit union notifies members of missing external drive

Palm Springs Federal Credit Union is notifying an undisclosed number of members that an external drive containing their personal information was lost and its location is unknown.

Miami health center notifies nearly 8,000 patients of data breach

Miami-based Jessie Trice Community Health Center has notified nearly 8,000 patients that their personal information was stolen as part of an identity theft criminal operation.

Skimmer used at Cleveland parking garage, payment cards stolen

A skimmer was used at Willard Park Garage under Cleveland City Hall, stealing information on three dozen people and putting hundreds of others at risk.

About 60K transactions possibly affected in Cape May-Lewes Ferry breach

The security of card processing systems relating to food, beverage and retail sales at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry was compromised and payment card data may be at risk.

Arkansas State University-Beebe is investigating a potential breach

Arkansas State University-Beebe is notifying students and employees of a service running on one of its servers that could pose a potential breach to the system.

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