The Data Breach Blog

Malware on Tactical Assault Gear website targets customer information

Thousands of customers are being notified that malware on the Tactical Assault Gear website may have compromised their personal information.

Employee with California bank puts customer loan data at risk

California-based Bank of Manhattan Mortgage Lending is notifying customers of a potential unauthorized disclosure or use of their information.

COA Network breached, all customer data treated as potentially compromised

COA Network, Inc. detected a pattern of irregular activity affecting its computer systems, putting customer payment card numbers and other information at risk.

Dungarees website attacked, payment cards potentially compromised

Payment card information associated with orders placed on the website between March 26 and June 5 may have been compromised.

UC Irvine Medical Center announces breach affecting 4,859 patients

A UC Irvine Medical Center employee accessed patient records without a job-related purpose between June 2011 and March.

Lingerie seller's ecommerce server compromised, credit cards at risk

Customers may have been affected if they placed or attempted to place an order at the Intimacy website between December 2014 and April.

Unauthorized access gained to Heartland Dental databases

Unauthorized access was gained to three databases containing data from old employment, discount plan, and patient financing applications.

Medical Information Engineering's network breached; undisclosed number of patients compromised

The personal health information, including Social Security numbers and medical conditions, might have been compromised in a cyber attack in May on Medical Information Engineering.

Contractor laptops stolen, data on thousands of North Shore-LIJ patients at risk

New York-based North Shore-LIJ Health System is notifying roughly 18,000 patients that laptops containing their personal data were stolen from contractor Global Care Delivery.

Payment card breach at Holiday Valley Resort

Malware may have compromised payment cards used at any of the resort's point-of-sale devices between October 2014 and June.

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