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Deception and the art of cyber security

To thrwart web attackers, organizations must think like a criminal and turn to tricks that will stop attackers in their tracks -- or even make them believe that they are succeeding.

Forensic incident response to the fore

We've recently been witnessing tremendous change in perspective when it comes to IT security and the shroud of embarrassment associated with breaches has been lifting.

The blueprint for secure BYOD

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) quickly made the jump from industry trend to business imperative, and organizations are now feeling the pressure to open their networks to employee-owned devices.

Building your security policy

LANDesk's Devin Anderson offers five vital strategies you need to know to fend off attacks and safeguard your organization.

Risk: Security's new compliance

Increased threat levels will lead to a budget realignment toward security.

Security vendors can no longer ignore patch management

While AV software derails a lot of potentially harmful attacks, it is only one component of a comprehensive security solution.

Lessons on insider threats

Every company in every part of the world is subject to some level of insider threat.

Best practices to secure the mobile enterprise

The threats associated with mobile devices can come in many forms, so there are a number of best practices one can put in place to thwart potentially disastrous consequences.

A closer look at two of today's top security threats

Hackers and computer criminals have shown an ongoing ability to stay one step ahead of the security professional, but there are strategies and tools to help thwart their efforts.

Solving the hardest problems in enterprise data security

Companies targeted by APT will need to upgrade their defenses strategy to include multiple, integrated layers of extremely sensitive anomaly detection and mitigation.


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