Threat of the month: AndroidOS/Smspacem

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What is it?
Mobile malware which leverages trojan, bot and “logic bomb” tricks.  

How does it work?
Infection requires the installation of a trojaned app called “Holy ****ing Bible.” Following installation and a reboot, a rogue service is started that queries a remote location for command-and-control instructions while attempting to communicate the device's phone number to another host-based service. An SMS listener, is controlled via the logic bomb and only starts when the system time reaches May 21, 2011. A doomsday message is then spammed via SMS to all contacts. On May 22, a new message is sent out, and the wallpaper gets changed.

Should I be worried?

It illustrates that tricks employed against the PC platform will be repackaged against the Android.   

How can I prevent it?

Installing only Android Market apps is a start, but we recognize the openness of the Android platform is tempting, so a mobile security app is recommended. 
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