Two-Factor Authentication, Smart Cards, Tokens


VENDOR: PistolStar, Inc.

WHAT: PistolStar, Inc. maker of PortalGuard offers an on-premise turnkey user authentication solution-set for companies with external-facing web applications to their employees, contractors, suppliers, and vendors. This all-in-one integrated design includes two-factor methods, single sign-on, centralized self-service password reset/unlock, password synchronization, plus transparent barriers to confirm user identities by validating their context.

PRICE: $10k for unlimited users (2FA, SSO IdP, SSPR, Sync)


VASCO IDENTIKEY Authentication Server and DIGIPASS GO


WHAT: VASCO IDENTIKEY Authentication Server and DIGIPASS GO in combination are a physical token-based authentication tool.

PRICE: tarts at around $7,500 for 100 users.


Swivel Secure Swivel Appliance

VENDOR: Swivel Secure

WHAT: The Swivel Appliance from Swivel Secure provides strong authentication in a variety of ways.

PRICE: As tested: $3,527


SecurEnvoy SecurAccess

VENDOR: SecurEnvoy

WHAT: SecurEnvoy’s SecurAccess is a product for authentication using multifactor and/or biometrics.

PRICE: $2,062.50 for 50-user starter pack.


SecureAuth IdP

VENDOR: SecureAuth

WHAT: SecureAuth IdP is a good choice for an authentication solution because it supports a variety of multi-platform authentication devices and the server can be setup in the cloud or on-premises.

PRICE: tarts at $2,000 for the server, plus $15 per user.


SafeNet Authentication Service

VENDOR: SafeNet Inc.

WHAT: The SafeNet Authentication Service is overall a great product. We particularly found its functionality, set up and documentation to be strong. The principal deductions were for the wait time with support and its value for money rating.

PRICE: $1.30 per user per month.


RSA Authentication Manager

VENDOR: RSA, the security division of EMC

WHAT: he strongest aspects of this product were its support, functionality and ease of use.

PRICE: Starts at about $46 per user per year including support.


IronKey F200 Biometric Flash Drive

VENDOR: Imation

WHAT: The IronKey F200 Biometric Flash Drive by Imation comes in several sizes for different uses.

PRICE: Drive: $129; software: $250 (including one-year maintenance); one-year maintenance: $45.


HID Global ActivID Appliance

VENDOR: HID Global Corporation

WHAT: HID Global ActivID Appliance –FT 5000SCA offers a wide variety of strong authentication measures for several services and online applications.

PRICE: $10,999



Entrust IdentityGuard

VENDOR: Entrust Inc.

WHAT: Entrust IdentityGuard is a multifactor authentication tool that allows users to employ soft tokens, physical hardware tokens, fingerprint recognition, grid cards, eGrid, PIN protection and personal verification number.

PRICE: Starts at $8 per user.


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