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Don't let sensitive data hitch a ride out of your network

Data is at the core of every business, and data theft is one of the most potent risks enterprises face. According to a 2015 Ponemon Institute study, the average consolidated cost of a data breach is $3.8 million, which includes investigative and forensic efforts, resolution, and the consequences of customer defection.

Enterprise security is about to get dramatically simpler

Ixia will change the landscape of network security by introducing a powerful new front line of defense for enterprises worldwide. Be one of the first to learn about this new security solution that will change the way enterprises view inline security protection.

How to build a world-class threat intelligence capability from scratch

Threat intelligence is a broad subject and the natural tendency is to produce intelligence on any topic or event regardless of its applicability to the company. True success in threat intelligence depends on focusing intelligence efforts to very specific business objectives, which removes the large surface area and leaves only a challenging sliver of ultra-high value to pursue.


Breach prevention: Hunting for signs of compromise

Data Breaches in 2015 are on pace to break all records. 2014 saw a record 783 breaches with over 85 million records compromised.

Strategies for effectively protecting intellectual property

When it comes to protecting your organization's intellectual property (IP), a single click by an end-user can either lead to data protection or a data breach.

Lessons learned from building and running MHN, the world's largest crowdsourced honeynet

Honeypots are really useful for collecting security data for research, especially around botnets, scanning hosts, password brute forcers, and other misbehaving systems. They are also the cheapest way collect this data at scale.

Defeating cyber attackers: Best practices for leveraging adversary & threat intelligence with security analytics

This year over 85% of large organizations were targeted by advanced attackers according to Symantec's 2015 Internet Security Threat Report. Was your organization one of them?

Securing your website to protect brand reputation

Customers are doing more and more business online. Nearly 80% of the U.S. population shops online and half bank online. However, websites are constantly under attack. 71% of consumers feel it is up to the online stores to ensure the protection of their information, making website security a top priority for many businesses.

Creating an encryption strategy for modern risks mitigation

Every company has a data security risk mitigation strategy. However, the continuous news cycle on data breaches is proof that it is time to augment that strategy.

If an attacker were on your network would you know?

Do you still believe you can prevent 100% of intrusion attempts? If not, how do you find attackers once they land in your network?

The five capabilities that define your organization's secure file transfer effectiveness

This webinar will examine the business risks and regulatory compliance requirements associated with file transfers.

Best way to operationalize threat intelligence is enforcing it at the DNS layer

How many days go by before you take action on new threat intelligence?

Understanding the FFIEC cybersecurity assessment tool

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) recently released the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) to help financial institutions identify their risks and determine their cybersecurity preparedness.

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