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Hiding in plain sight: What's really happening on your network

Today's cyber threats hide in plain sight amidst your network traffic, making them nearly impossible to defend against.

Next generation privileged identity management: Are you ready?

The number of identities that an organization must control and secure is exploding as companies support the evolution of business.

Persistent Threats are ever evolving. Is your security?

These are trying times for IT professional. Each and every day you face the risk of your network being hacked by the newest zero-day threat. Recently, it was the HeartBleed bug and then the IE vulnerability.

Threat intelligence revolution

Real-world intelligence has been used for thousands of years to thwart an enemy's intentions. With the evolving sophistication of cyber threats growing at a rapid pace, today, internet and network connectivity has become the lifeblood of enterprise operations.

How PCI 3.0 impacts your security posture & compliance

During this webinar Christopher Strand, Senior Director of Compliance at Bit9 + Carbon Black and Mordecai Kraushar, Director of Audit at CipherTechs will review how the update to PCI DSS 3.0 will impact your systems and cybersecurity.


Expose of threat groups: Lessons learned on how to combat the threat

Join the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat (CTU) Special Operations team to dig deeper into the threat groups responsible for recent, targeted intrusions.

Insider threat detection, response and recovery - Find them early; Fix them fast

Your organization has a 50% likelihood of experiencing an insider incident despite deep investments in IT security. Insider threats include fraud, theft of intellectual property, data breaches and leaks, or malicious damage to IT resources.

Targeted attacks: Are you (and your ecosystem) secure?

Most businesses realize they are at-risk for becoming a victim of a targeted attack. But they still face an uphill battle to secure management buy-in and suitable resource prioritization.

Big Data - Your secret weapon in the war against cyber crime

Right now, Web attackers are amassing a global arsenal of knowledge and resources that is allowing them to expanding their reach well beyond financial services to virtually every industry, everywhere.

Strategies that work for Advanced Persistent Threat Prevention

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are being used to compromise organizations around the globe with increasing sophistication, persistence, and evasive attack methods.

Cybersecurity - Best practices for protecting identities and assets

Cybersecurity, or more accurately cybersecurity breaches, have been in the headlines for months now. Headlines aside, threats are increasing in number while also becoming more sophisticated.

How to Detect SQL Injection & XSS Attacks using SIEM Event Correlation

Two of the oldest and most common attacks used against web applications, SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting attacks (XSS), continue to impact thousands of websites and millions of users each year.

Cybersecurity...Meet Big Data

There are increasing numbers of new or revised regulations and mandates being imposed on organizations around the world that are pushing for the adoption of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies and services.

5 Top Breaches of 2013 & the link to privileged accounts

Privileged account credentials play a critical role in all advanced and insider attacks. In this webinar, we will deconstruct five of the most publicized breaches of 2013 and analyze the role of privileged accounts.

Mobile security: Getting past no to yes

Yesterday's mobile security approaches - managing the device or deploying non-intuitive containerized apps - do not work with today's mobile initiatives.

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