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Detect ransomware before it's too late with AlienVault USM

By now you've probably heard about new ransomware threats like CryptoWall, which encrypts your data and demands payment to unlock it. These threats are delivered via malicious email attachments or websites, and once they execute and connect to an external command and control server, they start to encrypt files throughout your network.

Cyber security is now a boardroom agenda

Cyber security is now a topic of discussion at the majority of board meetings, according to a recent NYSE/Veracode survey. It is no longer just an IT issue, a policy or compliance issue - it is a corporate risk issue.

The five capabilities that define your organization's secure file transfer effectiveness

This webinar will examine the business risks and regulatory compliance requirements associated with file transfers.

Creating an encryption strategy for modern risks mitigation

Every company has a data security risk mitigation strategy. However, the continuous news cycle on data breaches is proof that it is time to augment that strategy.


Myths of cloud security debunked!

Despite the meteoric rise of cloud based applications and services, as well as its subsequent adoption by a significant number of enterprises, security still remains a major concern for many organizations.

How to simplify PCI DSS compliance with AlienVault USM

Demonstrating compliance with PCI DSS is far from a trivial exercise. Are you sure you can document your organization's compliance with the new 3.0 standards?

Cloud-managed IT security — Simple. complete. powerful.

IT security is more challenging than ever. IT departments are tasked with managing a roaming workforce with limited resources and budget. Security solutions need to be effective yet approachable, especially for mid-sized companies.

Defining requirements for industry-leading endpoint threat detection and response

Many enterprise security solutions claim to offer continuous endpoint visibility—reactively scanning, sweeping or polling your environment for a set list of known indicators or signatures. But this approach can take hours for a single result, disrupt the performance of your organization's endpoints, and miss insight into root cause and lateral movement of an attack

What's missing in your network security stack? DNS

DNS is used by every device on your network. But are you leveraging it in your security stack?

Intrusion vs. breach: How security analytics & automated response can improve your chances of avoiding a breach

In this webinar, our guest speaker John Kindervag, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Seth Goldhammer, Director of Product Management at LogRhythm, will discuss how pervasive visibility and big data security analytics, when coupled with intelligent automated response, can substantially reduce an organization's risk of experiencing a material breach or cyber incident.

Preparing for the holiday breach season

The weather may be warm now but retailers are already planning for the 2015 holiday season, when businesses will conduct as much as 20% of their total annual sales

21st century defense-In-depth involves more than 2 AVs

If one AV is good, are two AVs better defense against APTs, ransomware and other sophisticated malware? That's the way we used to do it back in the '80s and '90s, but does this approach still work?

Before the kill chain: What attackers are doing and how you can spot them

What if you could uncover the infrastructure attackers are staging and identify threats BEFORE the kill chain begins?

Reinventing security in a feudal world

Feudal Security, a concept popularized by cyber security guru Bruce Schneier, requires organizations to entrust the security of their data and infrastructure to cloud providers.

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