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The NIST Framework: The Public's Stake in the Cybersecurity of our Critical Infrastructure

The announcement in February 2014 by the White House of a Framework for the development of cybersecurity standards follows the announcement one year earlier by the White House of a Presidential Executive Order describing the Government's overall policy toward the cybersecurity on our nation's critical infrastructure.


A pragmatic approach to Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection

Targeted attacks, or APTs, can be complex and affect organizations of all sizes, across all industries. But that doesn't mean their detection and prevention has to be complex too. With constant confusion around ATAs and APTs, a staggering 68% of IT Managers admit they don't know what an APT is.

Addressing Identity and Access Management with a Unified Open source Identity and Access Management Suite

Many IT organizations today are tasked to manage a complex landscape that includes a mix of SaaS applications and on-premise applications being accessed by various user populations; employees, customers, mobile workers, etc.

Retail Cyber Threats: How to Detect Them Early and Limit the Damage

Let's face it, it's no longer a matter of 'If' your organization will be breached, but 'When' (if it hasn't already happened and you just don't know it). The key question is 'How can you gain better visibility sooner to the signs that you've been breached?'

An Enterprise Security Platform Approach to Advanced Persistent Threats

Today's advanced persistent threats (APTs) evade traditional security controls with techniques such as SSL encryption and require an integrated, simple and automated approach that can detect and defend at each stage of an attack.

Next Generation NAC: Advancing Control Intelligence and Security Management

Today's Network Access Control (NAC) technology has evolved well beyond that of allowing or denying network admission. The latest generation of NAC solutions addresses numerous security and compliance applications, but more so, help organizations enhance operational awareness, efficiency and use of their existing network and security infrastructure.

A Conversation with CSOs: Strategies to Integrate Endpoint Security into the SOC

Join Dave Shackleford, founder of Voodoo Security and former CSO of Configuresoft, and Nick Levay, CSO of Bit9, to discuss why endpoint visibility and control is crucial to the security operations center. In this webcast you will learn how security teams can more readily define and identify meaningful indicators of compromise.

What's really on your network?

Face it, your users want to use any application while at work, yet they may not be aware of the associated business and security risks. Filesharing, remote access, video and social networking applications are all rampant on most every network we analyze. Commonly found among those applications are very sophisticated threats hiding in plain sight, acting like normal traffic, using SSL, FTP, and RDP to steal data.

Regain Control of Your SaaS and Cloud Investments

To meet strategic objectives for growth and business transformation initiatives, more and more enterprises are externalizing key business functions to the Cloud, and to SaaS in particular. But how effectively are enterprises and securing and managing these deployments? How are your peers doing in managing actual usage and user management, providing end-user support, and extending identity management of external service providers?

Latest threats on iOS and Android and what you can do about it

Discover the latest mobile threat trends on iOS and Android platforms and the key to mobile application security.

Solving for Evasion: The Cyber Kill-chain and the Enterprise Security Platform

The first step to defeating advanced threats is understanding the sophisticated techniques malware and exploits are using to evade detection and slip past traditional security controls. We will share a detailed review of the cyber kill-chain, including each step used to compromise hosts, with data from real attacks and specific anecdotes.

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