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Hexis Cyber Solutions NetBeat NAC Enterprise

VENDOR: Hexis Cyber Solutions

WHAT: A well-designed network access control solution that can be deployed in minutes.

PRICE: $16,995.


Forum Systems Sentry API Gateway

VENDOR: Forum Systems

WHAT: A comprehensive application security appliance that allows users to set up robust security over a variety of different protocols and data formats.

PRICE: $25,000.


ForeScout CounterACT

VENDOR: ForeScout

WHAT: A policy-based network access control product that allows for inventory, classification and regulation of endpoints and network devices. It is available in several different configurations allowing flexibility and scal

PRICE: $9,752 (software appliance); $13,995 (CT100/A hardware appliance).


Avatier Identity Management Suite

VENDOR: Avatier

WHAT: A software-based identity management product.

PRICE: Starts at $45 per user.


EdgeWave ePrism Email Security

VENDOR: EdgeWave

WHAT: EdgeWave ePrism offers a complete suite of email security services.

PRICE: Ranges from $26 to $11 per user per year.



VENDOR: PistolStar, Inc.

WHAT: PistolStar, Inc. maker of PortalGuard offers an on-premise turnkey user authentication solution-set for companies with external-facing web applications to their employees, contractors, suppliers, and vendors. This all-in-one integrated design includes two-factor methods, single sign-on, centralized self-service password reset/unlock, password synchronization, plus transparent barriers to confirm user identities by validating their context.

PRICE: $10k for unlimited users (2FA, SSO IdP, SSPR, Sync)


Workshare Enterprise

VENDOR: Workshare

WHAT: SaaS-delivered secure collaboration application.

PRICE: $75 per user per year.


Varonis DatAdvantage and IDU Classification Framework

VENDOR: Varonis Systems

WHAT: Provides data classification for human-generated files, such as documents and SharePoint files or any human-generated files that reside on file servers.

PRICE: $17,000 DatAdvantage, $9,000 IDU Classification Framework for 100 users


Verdasys Managed Service

VENDOR: Verdasys

WHAT: As part of the Digital Guardian program, provides data classification

PRICE: As part of a data protection managed service, list price is $6 to $10 per user per month.


TITUS Classification


WHAT: rovides email and document classification – when both products are used – for Microsoft platforms.

PRICE: TMC starts at $27.50 per user; TCO starts at $27.50 per user; TITUS Classification including Desktop (TCD) starts at $51 per user.


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